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Is a TenPoint Crossbow Worth the Money?

TenPoint is one of the most well-respected brands in the industry and with 27 years of experience, they should be!

A lot of people know that TenPoint produces some of the most expensive crossbows on the market today, but with so much interest and obsession with the big-ticket items, we wanted to explain why they are really worth the money. 

Let’s take a closer look at this well-established US brand and see just how good value TenPoint crossbows are.

Is TenPoint Leading Crossbow Innovation?

If you look down the entire line of TenPoint crossbows, you’re going to notice one big feature that is included in (almost) every single model. 

That feature is a safe cocking and de-cocking system.

It’s not just in their premium line either. Wicked Ridge, a more affordable line of crossbows produced by TenPoint also includes a version of this system from models starting from as little as $500. 

Now if we’re talking about innovation, it doesn’t just mean the big showstopper power numbers, superior arrow speeds, and compact dimensions – all things that TenPoint also excels at. Innovation is also about improving the user experience and increasing accessibility for hunters. 

The fact that you can purchase almost any crossbow with a safe cocking system from either TenPoint or Wicked Ridge is a real gamechanger in the industry because it removes the most intimidating function of using a crossbow. 

The ACUslide and ACUdraw De-Cock systems allow you to safely cock and de-cock your TenPoint or Wicked Ridge crossbow with a mere 5 lbs of force. This technology is made possible across all price ranges by having two different versions of the same fundamental system.

With this smart approach to trickle-down technology, it should come as no surprise then that TenPoint has an extensive list of 95 US patents registered for everything from their grip guard to the ACU systems.

Why Are TenPoint Crossbows Expensive?

While it is true that TenPoint does manufacture the most expensive compound crossbow on the market—the Nitro 505 Xero at $4,649.99—this is not at all representative of the huge price range that their crossbows cover.

If you include their affordable partner brand Wicked Ridge, they offer a complete product line starting from a mere $500 for a crossbow that also has a safe de-cocking system.

So if they offer a product for every level of hunter, from an absolute beginner all the way up to a seasoned and avid hunter, can you still say TenPoint is an expensive brand?

Especially when their top-of-the-line products are market-leading in terms of power and adoption of newer technologies such as rangefinding optics. 

(Say what you will about whether adding electronics and more “aids” to crossbows are a good thing or not, this is a technology that sits at the very pinnacle of the industry and the price unsurprisingly reflects this.)

Thanks to the “trickle-down technology” approach TenPoint has taken to the features on their crossbows, even if you are upgrading to a more premium bow, it will still feel familiar. This is a really important detail because the last thing you want is to overspend on a premium crossbow and feel like it is beyond your capabilities as a hunter.

TenPoint is also one of the only crossbow manufacturers to proudly manufacture and assemble their crossbows in the USA – Mogadore, Ohio to be precise. This will inevitably increase the price considering most crossbows are manufactured in China. But being American-made, you will also generally get faster turnaround times with customer service.


An often overlooked detail of crossbows is the scope. It is far too easy to get caught up in power numbers meaning your scope choice becomes a second thought.

We’ve found that across the range of TenPoint scopes, there is a noticeable superiority in the glass clarity and reticle design compared with other manufacturers. The adjustment turrets also feel more sturdy, smooth, and accurate than most.


And if you’re asking, “How long will a TenPoint crossbow last?”, I’ve got good news.

All TenPoint crossbows come with a lifetime warranty for the original owner. This is designed to protect against any manufacturing defects and therefore it does not cover damage to the bow limbs, scope, or cocking devices which are covered by a five-year warranty. That means that the ACUslide, ACUdraw De-Cock, and ACUdraw De-Cock 50 systems are also covered by the five-year warranty. 

As of 2022, TenPoint has now introduced a three-year warranty on refurbished crossbows as well.

The strings and cables are the only things not covered by the warranty. Because they are under constant use they are parts that are more likely to be damaged through user error rather than manufacturing defects. 

As with most compound crossbows, we generally advise changing the strings and cables once a year.

Should I Get an Entry or Mid Level TenPoint?

With prices starting at $999 and the top end over $4k, discussing what is considered entry or mid-level needs to be taken into context of this price range. At the bottom end, the Titan M1 and Turbo M1 De-Cock come with a lot of powerful features and technology that come together to make a highly capable crossbow both in terms of power and accuracy.

For us, one of the biggest considerations that make us suggest going for a mid-level TenPoint crossbow is the improved user experience with the ACUslide technology. We go into much more detail in a future article comparing ACUslide and ACUdraw De-Cock, but to put it simply, the ACUslide system is a much more refined design that is easier and faster to use with fewer steps.

If you can imagine that this is a system you will be using for every single shot you take with a TenPoint crossbow, the slightly faster cocking time and silent cocking you get from the ACUslide system makes it worth the additional investment. 

If you are a more avid hunter, who likes to shoot let’s say 40 arrows once or twice a week, that is a lot of cocking time. Spending a little bit more to save yourself a bunch of time is a win.

Plus, features like the two-step trigger, silent cocking, and superior optics all make for a significant improvement in accuracy and the overall shooting experience.

Entry-level TenPoint vs High-End Wicked Ridge

Another alternative if you are looking to get your first entry-level crossbow is to go for a Wicked Ridge model. 

Wicked Ridge represents the older technologies that TenPoint pioneered, in particular the ACUdraw De-Cock system. As the tech has advanced, all of the newest developments are put into the TenPoint crossbow range and previous iterations find their way into the Wicked Ridge lineup at a much more affordable price.

For example, let’s compare two reverse-draw crossbows, the Wicked Ridge Fury 410 De-Cock and the TenPoint Siege RS410. The Wicked Ridge model is 2.5″ longer, 1.5-3″ wider (cocked and un-cocked), with a 2” longer power stroke to compensate for a lighter weight on the limbs. It has a 20 lbs lower draw weight, and an ACUdraw De-Cock system as opposed to ACUslide. 

Now the amount that these differences will affect your shooting experience really depends on your experience and what you’re looking for in a crossbow. 

If you are an experienced hunter, you’re probably wondering what TenPoint crossbow we would recommend for best value for money.

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