Match Grade Custom Crossbow Arrows

(47 customer reviews)

Starting at $74.99

Our custom crossbow arrows are designed to help you get your next trophy. High-performance crossbows deserve high-performance arrows. Borkholder’s custom arrows deliver consistent accuracy every single time.

Watch this  video review by a customer (Jim W)

He’s using our custom arrows on his Ravin R29 crossbow and comparing it to the factory arrows.

Some manufacturer’s warranty will be voided if shooting non-OEM arrows. Please check with your crossbow manufacturer if shooting custom arrows will void your manufacturer warranty. Here’s a list of manufacturers that will void your crossbow’s warranty if shooting non-OEM arrows.

Most Accurate Crossbow Arrows for Sale

Designed for high performance crossbows and ultimate consistency.

Ultimate Accuracy

Every Shot. Always the same.

Ultimate Impact

Unmatched takedown power.

Ultimate Value

You deserve the best.

Cutting corners has never been an option when building the most accurate crossbow arrows.

Weight Forward

With optimal front-of-center balance you will have tighter groupings and deeper penetration on your target.

Spine Synchronized

Correct spine synchronization is the most important accuracy factor. Our techs use precision tooling to find the low and high spine of the carbon shafts.

Square Ends

Precision tools are used on all arrows to square ends.

Precision Fletched

Choosing the correct angle of fletching is critical building an arrow that flies the same as the others in the set. Our techs use a micrometer to ensure the ultimate precision when building crossbow arrows.

Match Weight

Our Premium Firenock 4K Arrows are matched within 1 grain of the other arrows in the set.

This feature is included at no extra charge.

Carbon Shafts

We match the best carbon shaft for your crossbow’s draw weight and draw length.

What is a custom arrow?

True custom arrows or bolts have at least four important components.

  1. Static spine selection
  2. Spine indexing
  3. Extreme front-of-center (FOC)
  4. Hand-crafted with the most precise fletching available

1. Static Spine Selection and 2. Spine Indexing

Static spine matching is often confused with spine indexing. Spine matching is all about deflection, or the stiffness of the bolt. It is important to match the stiffness of the bolt to the poundage and draw stroke of the crossbow,that is why we use a selection of bolts including Gold Tip, Black Eagle, and Firenock. Basically like you would do with a vertical bow. Spine indexing has to do with locating the stiff, and weak spot on the bolt. Spine indexing is the most important accuracy factor in custom bolts. Extremely sensitive tooling is needed to accurately define “low, and high” spine in a carbon shaft, and all carbon shafts have a low and high spine. Our research has shown that group shooting off of a shooting machine at 25 yards, with 6 bolts that have been spine indexed vs 6 bolts with factory fletching. The bolts that were spine indexed averaged a 68% tighter group.

3. Front-of-Center

The next precision element of Custom Bolts is that of front-of-center (FOC). The FOC refers to the balance point of a bolt. The percentage of FOC indicates what percent the balance point is forward of the center of the shaft, the higher the percentage, the better performance your bolt will deliver. FOC has two benefits for precision-minded archers. Archers can expect to see tighter groups with field tips and broadheads. The second advantage FOC creates is more momentum and less drag, thus deeper penetration on target! Borkholder Archery’s method of creating FOC is with a brass insert. Increasing the weight of your field tip will also create similar results. A benefit of using a brass insert is our ability to create a substantially larger amount of FOC than is possible with a field tip alone, while still using a 100 grain tip. This method is used on all of our custom bolts, which gives the consumer a larger selection of broadheads to choose from when ordering from us. We like to have 20% or more FOC This really comes into play at the longer yardages with marginal shot placement like the shoulder, having a brass insert or not could be the difference of your broadhead stopping in the bone or getting into the vitals.

4. Precision Fetching

The final element of custom bolts is that of precision fletching. By using state of the art equipment and a highly trained expert creates the most accurate bolts available today. As a hunter, it is our responsibility to take quick, clean kills. The precision fletching jigs used on all of our custom bolts are within 1/72 of a degree of being spaced 120 degrees apart. It is very important that your vanes are spaced 120 deg apart for optimal vane performance. We also use a 1/8 deg. offset instead of a ½ or full degree of helical like most large manufacturers. This final element helps to eliminate drag which will create greater KE which means a more ethical hunting experience.

Return Policy on Bolts

We stand behind the accuracy and quality of our bolts but if for any reason you choose to return your bolts you will be refunded the full amount if the bolts are untampered. There will be a 50% restocking fee if there is any alteration made to the bolts (markings on vanes or weight alterations)Read our complete return policy here.

Add Lighted Nocks

With lighted nocks, you’ll never wonder where your arrow went. It’s great for target shooting but most important during the hunt when the environment is less controlled. Hunt with confidence when using a lighted nock.

Equalize the weight of your non-lighted arrows to ensure consistency between both lighted and non-lighted arrows. This option is only available for Premium arrows.


Crossbow Model

Barnett Ghost 410, Barnett Ghost 420, Barnett Recruit Terrain, Barnett Vengeance 2, Barnett Whitetail Pro STR, Bear Bruzer FFL, Bear Fisix FFL, Bear Torrix FFL, Browning One Six One, Browning One Six Two, CenterPoint Heat 415, CenterPoint Mercenary Whisper 390, CenterPoint Sniper 370, Crosman CenterPoint Specialist XL 370, Crosman CP400, Excalibur 308 Short, Excalibur Assassin, Excalibur Assassin 360, Excalibur Equinox, Excalibur Exocet 200, Excalibur Exomax, Excalibur Ibex SMF, Excalibur Matrix 310, Excalibur Matrix 330, Excalibur Matrix 355, Excalibur Matrix 380, Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 330, Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 380, Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400, Excalibur Matrix G340, Excalibur Matrix Grizzly, Excalibur Matrix GRZ2, Excalibur Matrix Mega 405, Excalibur Micro 315, Excalibur Micro 335, Excalibur Micro 340 TD, Excalibur Micro 355, Excalibur Micro 360 TD, Excalibur Micro Axe 340, Excalibur Micro Suppressor, Excalibur Vixen II, Gearhead Archery X16, Gearhead Archery X16 Tactical – 125 lb, Gearhead Archery X16 Tactical – 75 lb, Gearhead Archery X16 Tactical – 90 lb, Gearhead Archery X16 Target, Horton Storm RDX, Horton Vortec, Killer Instinct 350, Killer Instinct 360 HardCore, Killer Instinct Brawler, Killer Instinct Furious 370, Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5, Killer Instinct Hero, Killer Instinct Machine 380, Killer Instinct Ripper, Killer Instinct Swat, Mission 320, Mission 360, Mission Charge, Mission Dagger, Mission Sniper Lite, Mission Sub-1 [2018], Mission Sub-1 [2019], Mission Sub-1 Lite, Mission Sub-1 XR, Parker Challenger, Parker Concorde, Parker Hurricane, Parker ThunderHawk, Parker Tornado F4, Scorpyd Aculeus 135, Scorpyd Aculeus 160, Scorpyd Aculeus 175, Scorpyd Aculeus 460, Scorpyd Deathstalker, Scorpyd DeathStalker 420, Scorpyd Nemesis 480, Scorpyd Orion Extreme 110, Scorpyd Orion Extreme 135, Scorpyd Orion Extreme 175, Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme 110, Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme 135, Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme 160, Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme 175, Scorpyd VTEC Extreme, Stryker Katana, Stryker Offspring, Stryker Solution, Stryker Solution LS, TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX, TenPoint Eclipse RCX, TenPoint Nitro X, TenPoint Nitro XRT, TenPoint Shadow, TenPoint Shadow NXT, TenPoint Stealth FX4, TenPoint Stealth NXT, TenPoint Stealth SS, TenPoint Titan M1, TenPoint Titan Xtreme, TenPoint Turbo M1, TenPoint Turbo XLT, TenPoint Vapor, TenPoint Venom, Wicked Ridge RDX 400


Premium, Standard

47 reviews for Match Grade Custom Crossbow Arrows

  1. Mike LaValley

    Custom Bolts for Stryker Solution LS

    Bolts arrived, look great, shoot awesome. Thanks for the awesome product. Will be back for more when needed.

  2. Randy Hill

    I just wanted to let you know, your Borkholder Custom Crossbow Bolts are just what you promised,” ACCURATE”…PERIOD…

    I felt my factory bolts were good until I saw your video advertisement for your custom bolts. I felt I had to try them. I rationed,
    ‘I was going to purchase more bolts regardless”, and your bolts were competitively priced to the factory’s, so why not give yours a try.

    I shoot a Tenpoint Tactical XLT, I purchased from our new Cabelas here in Tualatin Oregon.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see “what you advertise is what you get”. After resighting in my bow for the new bolts. I realized I
    couldn’t shoot 3 bolts at the same target at 20, 30 or even 40 yards for fear destroying 2 or more bolts. I decided to try 50
    yards. since that is as far as our range allows us to shoot.

    (Attached is a picture of my first 50 yard group. I also validated that group by shooting 3 more sets of 3, just to be certain it
    wasn’t a fluke. I did shoot each time from a Caldwell Lead Sled to insure as much human error was removed as possible).

    Bottom line…you deliver what is advertised…As a business owner, myself, I appreciate honest and accurate advertising. And
    by the way, your customer service is excellent too. I recieved my bolds earlier than promised (and I live on the other side of the
    country from you!), and I even I received a follow up call to see if I was satisfied with the bolts and if I had any feed back
    for you!

    Thanks again for the bolts, your fast delivery and your follow up call, You’re doing all the right things a business should do.

  3. lisa (verified owner)

    I just bought my second dozen of these custom bolts for my excalibur matrix micro 335 and my dad’s 335 as well I have tried a lot of bolts and these are by far the best grouping bolts on the market in my opinion especially if you like long range shooting with confidence. These are just as advertised excellent quality and truly match grade If you want awesome bolts you better give these a try I honestly wouldn’t waste my time and money on any others as long as Borkholder makes these I wont be buying from anyone else. If you try these you wont be disappointed Ive bought 24 so far and am very happy with them all and the customer service is outstanding as well all around great people to do business with thanks everyone at Borkholder Archery and Thanks Brian keep up the good work and happy hunting!

  4. Gavin (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow and thank you. I was on the fence between your bolts and another that seem to get mentioned in many of the forums. I called to ask a few questions and spoke to Mr. Sausaman, he was very knowledgeable and answered my questions thoroughly. He explained the reasons behind their choices with the Match Grade Custom Bolts and ten minutes later I was placing my order. The attention to detail is evident from the moment you open the package, but the real evidence is on the range. I have an Excalibur Micro 355 and was utterly disappointed with the accuracy I was getting with the factory bolts. I refused to accept that I was relegated to three out of ten that would hold any type of group. I now have accuracy that I can count on. A full dozen without a single flier, it is as if they are all the exact same bolt. If I miss now it is on me not my equipment. I will be back for more, as will my friends that have seen the difference your bolts make. I think I will use my factory bolts to stake down my blind.

  5. bonnsam (verified owner)

    Just bought them for my Tenpoint Stealth FX4 and these are awesome. They group at a little over an inch at 50 yards. I am sure that these will make proper shot placement during the hunt a lot better.

  6. bonnsam (verified owner)

    Just bought the pro version for my Tenpoint Nitro RDX and these are even better than the standard version that I used last year. I am shooting 1 inch groups at 50 yards and doing this very consistantly. Looking forward to hunting with these this year.

  7. jpc0304 (verified owner)

    I just shot my first group of the pro version out of the Ravin R9. Did I mention the group was so tight I had a hard time pulling them out? No scope adjustments were required. I haven’t shot out to 60 yet but they are amazing compared to my factory bolts. I think I found crossbow gold!

  8. russell (verified owner)

    just came in from shooting a group at 60 yards you could cover with a quarter-that’s scarey with these costly bolts- i’ll choose different spots on the block target from now on-if you want accuracy, these are for you- there is a difference in these bolts-

  9. twkbuckmaster (verified owner)

    Just shot the custom bolts you built for my Mission Sub1. All I can say is WOW! Shot 1/2 inch group at 20 yds. That was 15 shots at three different bulls from a bench. I put the same arrow in the same hole 5 times on the upper left bull. At 50 and 60 they shot sub 1 ” groups. I was amazed. Couldn’t come close to that with the Mission bolts that came with the package. Thanks for a great product.

  10. dennissumner5115

    Could’nt believe the quick service on my custom Micro bolts, especially compared to a lot of other outlets. Needless to say, do NOT shoot at the same spot with these bolts! Have the speed ring on my Excal Micro 335, last two bolts were at 40 and 50 yds, the vanes were touching. Great job, guys.

    Thanks, Dennis

  11. Alex (verified owner)

    Received my order that I placed Monday for new custom arrows and Rage broadheads. Can’t thank you enough for the great and fast service as well as sharing your knowledge on what best will tune my crossbow to get the max from it. Have been getting my arrows from you guys for a few years now and they, like your service are top notch. Thanks again, Alex Sitman

  12. craigherring (verified owner)

    Custom bolt order was completed within an hour of placing my order online. Shipment received within 3 days. Had 2 flyers which Borkholder replaced & shipped free of charge. Very happy with the quality & accuracy of the bolts along with superior customer service. Craig Herring

  13. Mitch Newville (verified owner)

    Great product. I shot the custom pro bolts and wow what a difference. Amazing service and fast shipping. A1 place has my business from now on

  14. Tobin Shipp (verified owner)

    Exceptional custom bolts. Build to perfection for consistent performance and accuracy.

  15. tavissparkman (verified owner)

    Awesome bolts they did everything you said they would first 3 shots out of the box were all touching at 30 yards I will be a returning customer

  16. Darren Britton (verified owner)

    Performed as advertised, very tight grouping.
    Very happy with this purchase and very impressed with the customer service and support provided by Borkholder Archery’s team.
    They have gained a long term customer!!!

  17. matt (verified owner)

    I’m new to the crossbow game, bow hunted my whole life, got a crossbow to hunt in blinds we use for shotgun season. Bought a KI Ripper 415, used the bolts that came with it to get on target, switched to custom bolts, at 50 yards the custom bolts grouped so close all the shafts touched, can’t use same dot on target for more than one shot, Would not hesitate to purchase again, great product!

  18. eric mcfarland (verified owner)

    I should have read all the reviews. I purchased a dozen Custom Pro bolts with my 2019 Mission Sub 1. This was purchased for my wife and I to use in a ground blind. After a quick sight in, I shot three of the Mission bolts and three of your Custom Pro bolts for chronograph readings and accuracy comparison. The Missions shot a 3/4″ group at 30 yards (max range in backyard). Then I tried the Pros at the same distance. My mistake. Group was essentially a shaft thickness as two were touching side by side and the third struck the nock of the second, slightly off center, destroying it. This was not indoor bench rest shooting conditions. I was sitting on a lawn chair, Xbow resting on the cardboard shipping box and it was windy. Thank you for the outstanding product, now I just need to replace my nock.

  19. Shannon Payne (verified owner)

    Great customer service from the very beginning. All of my questions and concerns were addressed Patiently. Every commitment made was met and I received by new crossbow in two days. Thank you for great experience!!


  20. David Mcilrath (verified owner)

    I went with Borkholder because of all of the positive reviews. And now it’s my turn…these custom bolts that were made for my crossbow are phenomenal. The most solid bolts I’ve ever seen. Flawless fletchings with perfect and bright HD orange Lumennocks! They’ve got my business for years to come!

  21. Chris Parsons (verified owner)

    Fist off best class at shipping, had the custom pro bolts at my door less then 5 days. If your looking at getting bolts custom built this is the place. We just finished shooting them and I couldn’t ask for a better bolt for my TenPoint Turbo M1, I mean they hit right every time no flyers. Thank very much for putting your effort into making a super bolt.

  22. Quintin Martin (verified owner)

    I have tried Pro Lites and Pro Elites from Tenpoint. These bolts are by far the best that I have owned. Won’t shoot anything else from now on!

  23. kevin881550 (verified owner)

    Wicked ridge Rdx 400 . Just received the custom pro arrows – wow, what a difference. Only had to do very little adjustments from the stock arrows and consistently shot better groups and better penetration at distances from 20 to 50 yards .Well worth the money

  24. daytontony (verified owner)

    Borkholder Archery and their custom crossbow bolts are the best of the best They have a customer in me for as long as either of Us is around!! Factory bolts are not even in the same zip code with these, Folks Keep up the GREAT WORK

  25. Phillip Thurston (verified owner)

    The bolts purchased are as advertised. They shoot straight every time. I am very pleased.

  26. jwhawkjr (verified owner)

    Fast service. Can’t wait to try them!

  27. doug.slack (verified owner)

    Bolts for my stryker solution LS came within a few days of order. They came undamaged and looked and felt great. Took a week for me to finally shoot them due to temps in the 90’s. Got out this am and they definitely live up to your claims of shooting sub 1 1/2″ groups. Will defiantly order more and also tell others. Great product and customer service. I had called when they came to figure out the lighted nocks as I’ve never used the kind they offer before and was told how they work without any problems. I highly recommend your company to all in search of great shooting bolts

  28. Andrew Hall (verified owner)

    Pretty new to xbows and bought some of these just to round out my supply of arrows. After shooting these compared with those that came with the bow there’s no comparison, these are the only arrows I’ll be using from now on.

  29. markfoulks

    Just bought an Excalibur AXE 340 for my first crossbow ever. Found these arrows online and read reviews and was impressed with the comments. Ordered a dozen and was even more impressed with the results. First 3 arrows out of bow were touching so I will not be practicing at the same spot with fear of breaking arrows.

  30. jared.fowler1 (verified owner)

    Customer service and quality from Borkholder is second to none, keep it up guys, you can’t put a price on that. 2” groups at 80 yards with their bolts in my TenPoint RS470.

  31. Jeffery Martin (verified owner)

    Have not received my Arrows yet. They are waiting on the lighted nocks but are going to ship them without the nocks and ship them later. Everyone I have dealt with their have been great. Looking forward to doing a lot more business with them. I found out about them on the internet and they are only 60 miles from me. Looking forward to going up to there shop. Hard to find people in today’s world that you can tell really care about there customers. No doubt my arrows will be perfect. Would give them a 10 if I could. Jeff Martin Kokomo Ind

  32. Peter Pirog (verified owner)

    Borkholder Archery one word: THE BEST

  33. dpschools (verified owner)

    Bolts for Ten Point Venom

    Best I have used so far. They shot dead on out to 40 yards and haven’t had a chance to try them further. I would be afraid to shoot at the same bullseye at these distances. Even the sound at launch sounds more positive. I am really impressed. It would be nice if there was a choice for grain weight of the field points. (I shoot 125’s

  34. Michael Lawson (verified owner)

    These guys are fast and the bolts shoot great.

  35. jmk41674 (verified owner)

    I have bought borkholder custom bolts for my killer instinct furious 370 and was very satisfied…so when I got my swat xp I got another half dozen as soon as I could…if I could upload pics I’m shooting bulleyes at 40 yards and 1 and 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards in a lawn chair and monopod rest…I bet I could do better off a steady bench rest…these are the best custom bolts money can buy in my opinion

  36. daytontony (verified owner)

    Another! Order of bolts that shoot as great as the first order. Your Custom bolts are one Awesome product. I will not buy from anyone else Thanks!!!

  37. James Gehers (verified owner)

    These are way better than the arrows my crossbow came with. Super accurate. My order was shipped and arrived in 3 days. Definitely will be a repeat customer

  38. jimwalton33 (verified owner)

    6 stars. My custom bolts were better then expected, fast shipping

  39. jimwalton33 (verified owner)

    This video shows how awesome Borkholder Custom Bolts are

  40. tkyman4

    I purchased 6 custom crossbow bolts for my Mission MXB 400. I weighed each one on my grain scale. Four weighed 438 grains two were 437 grains. All were in the bullseye at all ranges from 20 yards to 80 yards. I will buy only these bolts from now on.

  41. William Grant (verified owner)

    I purchased a 1/2 dozen custom bolts for my killer instinct ripper 425. The bolts are very accurate. Have to order more do to shooting a robin hood shot. Thank you for a great product

  42. Michael Mei (verified owner)

    I purchased a dozen bolts for my Excalibur Assassin 400 TD. They are awesome! Very accurate, would highly recommend them!

  43. Tim McDonald (verified owner)

    My review is mainly for Borkholder Archery’s customer service as well as their assembly of the custom crossbow arrows. If this review was being written about the owner of Firenock there would be zero stars above. I ordered a dozen custom arrows for a Mission Sub-1 XR because I was having accuracy issues with the Mission arrows. Four of the 6 Missions would group under 3″ at 50 yards. The other two were 4″ and 8″ out of that group. I received the custom arrows in a timely manner even though it was just about peak season for them. When testing them the second arrow out of the box broke mid-shaft upon firing it, which broke the string and wrecked both cams. Mission would not cover the damage as they were not Mission arrows. I’m condensing this as it took some time to work through all of this. I took the crossbow to my dealer and fortunately they only charged me cost for the repairs. Borkholder stood behind the arrows 100% and offered to pay for the repairs themselves if need be. I really respect that. So much so, that I said I’d be happy with putting that amount towards another order of arrows from a different shaft maker. After them taking the time to test the accuracy of the different shafts, it was agreed that the Firenocks performed the best with the Sub-1 XR and I had to look past the customer service issue with the owner of Firenock. These new arrows will shoot 3 of the six into 1″ at 50 yards. The other 3 are slightly outside of that, but together. I was pretty upset when this all started but Borkholder did a fantastic job fixing the problem. Thank you and I’ll continue to buy arrows from you. Tim McDonald

  44. bowhuntr1959 (verified owner)

    Hi Nolan, I’m very happy with the crossbow arrows. Stephen even called me to double check the requirements for my arrows. I will be purchasing again from Borkholder archery.

  45. jimwalton33 (verified owner)

    Once again the bolts from Borkholder are awesome and I got them in time for my hog hunt in Florida The bolts were accurate and each one flies the same. Shipping was fast.

  46. vette001 (verified owner)

    Awesome bolts. The service was also the fastest in the industry. Can you say Robin Hood.

  47. Barty Brown (verified owner)

    I started shooting crossbow a couple years ago. I started with a Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 and really enjoyed it. I was never thrilled with my accuracy with it, but it was good enough to hunt up to 50 yards or so. I don’t blame the bow, it was really nice and between me, the cheap scope, and mediocre arrows, I wouldn’t expect more.
    This year I decided I was ready for a new bow with increased speed and aluminum rails. Money is an object to me so a few of the top of the line makers were out. The Centerpoint Wrath 430X came up on a really good sale where I purchase a lot of my sporting goods and I was ready to pull the trigger. One last look at the ad and then I saw it was also being offered with a $100.00 rebate. Good reviews, good price, comes with hand crank. Got it.
    Now what to do about bolts. I was watching some videos reviewing the bow and came across someone shooting custom bolts through it. 60 yards with impressive accuracy. Ahh, I can’t afford all that. But I looked up this Borkholder who supposedly made them just to see how much they were. I was surprised. Not all that much more than I was already willing to spend for some good bolts. So I ordered 6, without the lighted nocks. That’s my only regret, wish I had let them put in their lit nocks. Received the bolts in good time well packaged. Had already put a Vortex Crossfire Scope on the bow. First time I went out to shoot the bow and sight it in, at 40 yards in no time I was scratching bolts against each other. Geez these things fly true. Reset out at 60 yards and finished sighting in the scope. Shot a group of 3 and was pleasantly surprised. This was my first day shooting this set up and I didn’t have a good solid rest, but was grouping under 2” at the bullseye. Amazing for me. I’m not that good of a shot, well, never used to be. I absolutely love this set up and the bolts are a big part of it. I have full confidence in them for my hunting ventures. Thanks Borkholder Archery for the great bolts. On to the fields.

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When choosing Firenock lighted nocks you have an option use the weight match nock system.

There is roughly a 23 grain difference when adding Firenock lighted nocks. It can result in lower impacted points at distances of 30 yards and beyond, and also change your front of center percentages.

There is a simulated weight that attaches to your nock just the same as the lighted nock that will make all of the nocks weigh the same. This will ensure your arrows all fly the same.

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