TenPoint Nitro 505

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The Fastest Crossbow in the World

The Nitro 505 crossbow is built from the ground up by the industry’s finest engineers, with every component designed to deliver 227 foot-pounds of blistering power on every shot. With more than 25,000 test shots fired, it is built to maintain the durability you’ve come to expect from the leader in high-performance crossbows.

Package Details

TenPoint Package Includes

  • TenPoint EVO-X Marksman Scope
  • TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Arrows
  • 6 Arrow Quiver


  • Velocity: 505 FPS
  • Width: 6.5″
  • Length: 30.7″
  • Kinetic Energy: 227 ft-lbs

Silent Cocking & Safe De-Cocking

The cocking and de-cocking system dealers recommend most, the ACUslide requires just 5-pounds of force – a fraction of the force required on competitors’ bows – making it the easiest system to operate on the market.

Rangefinding Scopes

  • Garmin Xero X1i
  • Burris Oracle X

Forget the days of gap shooting, the Nitro 505 is available with the Garmin Xero X1i & Burris Oracle X rangefinding scopes – giving you a single aiming point and making it the most accurate long-range crossbow on the market.



Burris Oracle X Rangefinding Scope, EVO-X Marksman Elite Scope, Garmin Xero X1i Rangefinding Scope


Moss Green, Veil Alpine Camo

48 reviews for TenPoint Nitro 505

  1. Norski

    While I was very happy with my RDX 400, the Nitro 505 is definitely in another league. Exceptional cocking and de-cocking system. Well balanced flat shooting and bone crushing power for a quick ethical kill. I hunt Whitetail Deer, Other.

  2. Rapid Robert

    I love this crossbow! I have had it just a few months and am not sorry I chose it. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  3. Charlie Mo

    This is the 2nd Tenpoint crossbow I’ve owned. First one was Turbo XLT and now the Nitro 505. There is no comparison between the 2. The Nitro 505 is fast at 505fpm and very easy to adjust for different yardages. Got it late in season so haven’t killed anything with it yet. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  4. Mikey G

    Never had any problem with my crossbow, just follow instructions how to use it and no problems. Very fast and accurate. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  5. Frank3257

    I borrowed my friends nitro 505 for a weekend as I own the older ten point shadow ultra lite “which has been flawless”. But I’m thinking about giving the shadow to my son and buying the nitro for next season. This would make my son happy and I’ll be doing backflips to the tree stand lol. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  6. Ryan42

    All around I am very Happy with My Nitro505. Takes some arrow testing and alot of shooting to be confidant in hitting your mark especially longer distances. Just a few things I think think could be better. The accuracy groupings are very inconsistent. Each individual arrow shoots totally different patterns. Also, during the season I had to resight scope back in 3 different times. Hopefully the new scope struts have improved things in that area, unfortunately us poor souls who already purchased a first 505 model can’t use struts. Lastly, I lost my original crank handle and dropped another, only I retraced my steps and found it. The way the crank handle is stored is not dependable. Oh and I purchased a tenpoint sling that tore after 2 weeks, needs something more robust to hold the weight. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  7. Mborene

    I can’t believe that I waited this long to purchase a new ten point crossbow the technology is now 😳 out standing and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  8. Wade Hart

    I started last year (2022)with a Tenpoint RS470 and loved it. I was able to take 3 deer with it. I had no reason to ever shoot any other crossbow. Then my wife asked if she could learn how to shoot it and that she might want to try to bow hunt with me next year. So she started practicing and she began having so much fun that we decided to purchase another bow. I tried purchasing another RS470 but everyone was out of stock. So I decided to go with the Nitro 505 knowing that it was built from the RS470. Didn’t thank you could improve a bow that in my opinion was the best I’d ever shot. But Tenpoint has made me a believer that they are always striving to better their products. The Nitro 505 is everything I hoped it would be. I can’t wait for the 2023 bow season to start a new adventure with my wife. Thanks Tenpoint!!!!

  9. Fish dude

    This is the fastest and most accurate crossbow you will find out there. Easy to use, lightweight, and you don’t need to shoot the bow to at the end of your hunt to de-cock it. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  10. Fish dude

    This is the fastest and most accurate crossbow you will find out there. Easy to use, lightweight, and you don’t need to shoot the bow to at the end of your hunt to de-cock it. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  11. Rooster 12

    What a great piece of hunting equipment. It’s safe, fast, and easy to use. My daughter harvested her first deer using the Ten Point Lady Shadow. If I trust the safety of this product with my own daughter, I would certainly Recommend it for anyone. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  12. Knock him down

    It is not front heavy you pull that back. It’s just like pulling a rifle back in one and two ways the way it feels in the way it shoots. I shot a buck this year and it sounded like somebody hit that deer with a baseball bat the kinetic energy behind those are absolutely incredible, I would suggest this to anybody that is looking for a crossbow. Please look at the new 505. With the Garman scope. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  13. johnnyb

    Not only is this the most rugged and reliable bows I have used, but also extremely accurate. I hunt .

  14. Beepa

    Super fast and deadly accurate !! I would highly recommend this crossbow. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  15. Emmett

    Really great design. Solid build. A bit heavier than you might think. So easy to use.

  16. Huntertony

    This is my third Ten Point crossbow I Purchased over the last 20 years and by far the best… customer service has been exceptionable throughout the years and that is very important and why I keep coming back… thank you, Ten Point. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  17. Moby

    I’ve been deer hunting since 12 years old and I have to say that this is the finest crossbow I have ever owned. It has just an awesome combination of speed, power and accuracy. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  18. Deerslayer2965

    This is second to none in the xbow class. It is FAST FAST FAST. the kinetic energy this thing produces is mind-blowing. I sighter in with this Garmin Xero and it is pinpoint accurate from 10 to 90 yards in one-inch groups. Both are pricy but this has been the best investment for my hunting pleasures. Ten Point is top dog in this category. I hunt Turkey, Bear, Whitetail Deer.

  19. matanuska


  20. Stonewall

    My Titan M1 is by far the best crossbow I’ve owned. I bought it last summer and shot two deer this fall and both shots went clear through the deer and one was at 42 yards. It’s very accurate and ready to go from the factory.Thanks Tenpoint!! I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  21. Mohammadali Mirzaei

    After one shot with this crossbow, you will never want another crossbow, trust me

  22. Eljay

    Great example of Ten Point’s narrow soft crossbow case with a good zipper about 3/5ths around the case’s perimeter. Has enough room for your removable arrow quiver and height for the crossbow and the scope dedicated to the bow. If I had to change anything it would be a net pocket with zipper closure for the small things like lubricants for rail, cable & strings. I hunt Whitetail Deer..

  23. John A52

    Love the speed and how accurate the crossbow is. I now problem shooting 80 yards with confidence. He is a pic of one of the bucks I have shot. I hu
    nt Hog, Western Big Game (Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn), Whitetail Deer.

  24. Desert Hunter

    I always wanted to buy one it is a great Bow I could no longer shoot my PSE Mach 8 I was able to get a Cross bow Permit. I hunt Western Big Game (Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn)

  25. Boby

    All around great bow and customer service and very dependale. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  26. Seibs

    I bought the bow after my buddy showed me his 505 and after I shot half dozen arrows. From drawing the bow with the AccuSlide to shooting the bow! Easy to shoot with the low poundage trigger and very accurate. I decided to make the 505 my next bow. Also you can feel the quality and solid response of the bow when shooting. The bow is priced as a top of the line and meets the expectations!!! I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  27. Bbob

    “Dumping this much money on a crossbow/scope was very stressful. But the performance of this combo has proved that you get what you pay for. I just thought I knew love when I got my Stealth NXT. But the nitro 505 with oracle X scope has stolen my heart. I have separation anxiety when we are apart lol. I have many crossbows but this one has raised up high above the rest. The scope was a booger to set up. But on the other end, i have a killing machine with deadly accuracy. I love this thing. If you’ve never had a Tenpoint then you couldn’t understand the difference in quality. I’m a serious deer hunter and this bow brought me confidence in my weapon when the opportunity walked in front of me. The accuslide de-cocking feature is so appreciated. What a great feature. I never thought my monkey arms could adapt to a shorter reverse draw. But it’s a very comfortable, balanced bow. I love shooting it.
    Cons- the Tenpoint shoulder sling is too delicate for such an investment. Mine ripped apart under the weight while simply carrying it on my shoulder. The brush that holds my arrows in place failed to do just that. If I tilt my bow forward too far, the arrows will slide out. Tenpoint has offered to fix it and that’s good enough for me.
    In my opinion, I own the best bow/scope combo made” I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  28. 10 point JB

    This 10 point crossbow is awesome my son and I both use this bow and it is unreal how much power and accuracy it has. My son shot a really nice 13 point the first day of bow season last year and then I shot a nice 10 point the same year with this bow. I’ll attach pictures of both deer. Both of these deer only ran about 50 yards because of the power from this bow. My son shot his at about 50 yards and I shot mine at about 40 yards. The bow is very light and easy to use in a tree stand. I would highly recommend it to anyone! I hunt Turkey, Bear, Whitetail Deer.


    Of course! As a first-time crossbow owner, you’re sure to be impressed with the TenPoint Nitro 505. Its speed and accuracy are impressive and make it a top-performing crossbow in its class. The moss green color is a nice, unique touch, and the included Garmin scope is a real bonus. Garmin is a well-respected brand in the outdoors industry, so you can trust that the scope will be of high quality. This crossbow is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable shooting experience, making it a great choice for first-time crossbow owners. Whether you’re using it for hunting or just target shooting, the Nitro 505 is sure to exceed your expectations. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  30. Getter dun

    Great job ten point you hit the spot on this one best crossbow I have ever shot. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  31. Eddd

    Having a crossbow this light is easy handle/carry in the woods. I hunt turkey and whitetail deer.

  32. Hunter5156

    I have owned 3 ten points and the 505 us the most balanced easy shooting bow. Ten point did it again. Thank you ten point… I hunt whitetail deer.

  33. Neal Liu

    Fast and simple to use. Easy to cock and decocking. It’s a top notch crossbow. I hunt whitetail deer.

  34. DougP

    Awesome bow. I like the Alpine color. Bow is very fast. The scope is good. I hunt whitetail deer.

  35. Triple B

    This bow is bad to the bone. Super accurate, fast, quiet and easy to shoot. The Accudraw works great. Have not gotten a deer with it yet. So I can’t speak to that. It is a little pricey. That is the only drawback. I hunt whitetail deer.

  36. R Vannoy

    Bow shoots extremely fast n flat. Had a couple issues being repaired now at tenpoint. Company always been stellar concerning service. Love the bow! I hunt whitetail deer.

  37. Frank Sr

    Absolutely the best choice I could have made, AWSUM. I hunt turkey and whitetail deer.

  38. Madhatter8511

    Definitely worth the money! Get a lot in a small package! Easy to set up the Burris Oracle and dead accurate!! Robinhood one of the arrows and hit dead center on a the nock of an already shot arrow, and split it. The FPS is a lot for this, and my arrows were sinking to the spines from 40 yds. I hunt Hog, Turkey, Western Big Game (Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn), Whitetail Deer.

  39. Scyoc 5

    The Nitro is a very balanced bow! It provides the stability that is needed to steady a quick shot, and the longevity to secure that ethical positioning that can sometimes take awhile. The Nitro 505 isn’t the lightest bow made but the stability and balance definitely makes up the difference! Did I also mention that the speed of this bow is wickedly smooth and fast! Sold me and my wife (who is a hard sell) period! You have to be able to justify the price of this bow in this hunting family or it doesn’t get bought! So far so good with the Nitro 505! I hunt Bear, Whitetail Deer.

  40. Kenneth Browning

    A sturdy extremely fast crossbow. Make sure you have a top notch target or the bolts will blow through it. Lesson learned the hard way. I hunt whitetail deer.

  41. Jim Man

    The 505 is as solid of a crossbow as I have owned. It is blazing fast, shoulders great, and shoots amazing. The accu-slide is hands down the best cocking system in the market. I hunt turkey, whitetail deer.

  42. Lou 13

    Nitro 505 – compact, very powerful, easy to use, 1/4” group at 40yards, so far so good. I hunt whitetail deer.

  43. Jason B

    Love this xbow! Easy to use, very accurate! Slams a heart sized target at 90 yards every time. The Garmin scope works very well but a little tricky to set up. Once set up was complete it was very simple to use. I hunt turkey and whitetail deer.

  44. bighornslaya23

    Light, fast, short, compact and easy to use. all around better than an overpriced ravin. I hunt hog, turkey, western wig game (Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn), bear, whitetail deer, moose.

  45. J Smith

    Everything I had hoped for, I did my research beforehand and the nitro 505 stood out. I hunt turkey, whitetail deer.

  46. JohnHenry

    The Setup was very simple on the Nitro 505 XERO. This crossbow is super fast. I can’t wait to get a deer in my sights . Everything worked great with the Garmin scope I really like the scope. This crossbow is very easy to crank back ,but you can tell it has a lot of power. It took me awhile to get my wife to let me buy it and I’m glad she did I love it. I hunt hog, turkey, whitetail deer.

  47. Jason B

    Love this xbow! Easy to use, very accurate! Slams a heart sized target at 90 yards every time. The Garmin scope works very well but a little tricky to set up. Once set up was complete it was very simple to use. I hunt Turkey, whitetail deer.

  48. Brockweb

    It’s easy to sight in and at 109 yards I’m getting quarter sized groups I like the way that you can decock the bow the bow is not that heavy the reverse Dre makes getting in my stand a lot easier and able to maneuver tight spaces with out getting hung up on tree branches.

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