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Ravin Crossbows has established themselves as some of the most accurate and reliable crossbows on the market. They continue to be one of the hottest selling bows year after year. Ravin Crossbows and accessories are the products you can count on during all of your shooting and hunting adventures.

Why Choose a Ravin Crossbow


Ravin Crossbows are based on HeliCoil technology. This technology is one of a kind and creates industry changing advantages. What really makes the Ravin Crossbow so special is their cams. The HeliCoil technology coils cables away from the top and bottom of the cams through helical grooves. This keeps the cams perfectly balanced. This technology allows the cams to rotate 340 degrees, all while allowing both cams to remain perfectly level during shooting. The technology behind these bows creates a revolutionary design, giving these bows rifle-like accuracy.   


Ravin Crossbows remain popular throughout the crossbow community because of the extreme accuracy that they provide. The engineers behind these bows have been able to virtually eliminate arrow friction, which gives the bow the ability to maintain both speed and accuracy downrange. 


The Ravin Crossbow has nearly effortless integrated cocking and decocking, providing the ultimate maneuverability and reliability during every crucial moment. With a guaranteed five-year warranty from Ravin, these bows have the reliability that every serious gamesmen desires.


Ravin offers a full-line of accessories. From arrows to cases to slings to arrow cases to limb dampeners, there is a full selection of Ravin Crossbow accessories to choose from. 

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At Borkholder Archery, we offer a large variety of Ravin Crossbows and Accessories. Connect with us today and check out all the Ravin products we offer. From top-of-the-line crossbows to replacement arrow nocks, we are stocked with all the goods every serious hunter and bow enthusiast is looking for. Check out our full line-up today.

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Why Equalizing the Weight of Non-Lighted Arrows is Important

When choosing Firenock lighted nocks you have an option use the weight match nock system.

There is roughly a 23 grain difference when adding Firenock lighted nocks. It can result in lower impacted points at distances of 30 yards and beyond, and also change your front of center percentages.

There is a simulated weight that attaches to your nock just the same as the lighted nock that will make all of the nocks weigh the same. This will ensure your arrows all fly the same.

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