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Is a Ravin Crossbow Worth the Money?

Ravin Crossbows is a leading manufacturer in the crossbow market, proudly boasting the best out-of-the-box accuracy, the best trigger, and the narrowest bows on the market. Combined with a solid Picatinny Rail to mount the scope and great quality factory arrows, Ravin’s are worth the premium price tags!

We know this is a big statement to make, but read on and we’ll explain why we at Borkholder Archery believe this is true.

How is Ravin Leading Crossbow Innovation?

When it comes to width and speed, along with limb design Ravin is leading crossbow innovation.

Ravin first introduced their R9 crossbow and the HeliCoil system in 2016. Its totally unique narrow appearance and new technologies made it stand out from the competition. This re-imagining of how a crossbow could perform was a testament to the innovation of the team behind Ravin Crossbows.

Made up of a group of hardcore hunters and product engineers with 20 years of experience in archery product development, Ravin Crossbows continued to develop their products in spite of slow initial uptake and they created their now flagship model—the R10—in 2019. This set the benchmark for high-performance crossbows to come and really boosted the brand’s popularity in the crossbow community.

Before Ravin, crossbows were just getting faster. Their HeliCoil system changed the game because it increased speed, accuracy, and power while reducing the crossbow size.

New design advantages were made possible by creating their revolutionary HeliCoil cam system to improve the flight of the arrow (Frictionless Flight), the drawing system (Versa Draw Cocking), and the trigger system (Trac Trigger Firing System – TTFS).

Since 2019 we have seen accelerated technological improvements across the crossbow industry, and a lot of this is down to other brands needing to keep up with Ravin.

What you will now notice is that many other brands are adopting similar technologies for their own models. Several competitors now design their crossbows with narrow limb widths, and proprietary cocking devices.

Why Are Ravin Crossbows Expensive?

There are no two ways about it, Ravin crossbows are among the highest-priced on the market. While most brands will have their basic model starting at $500, Ravin’s entry-level model, the R10, is $1,300. 

But this higher price tag needs to be thought about in context. 

A basic crossbow is a basic crossbow. They are designed for beginners or those on a budget who are looking to start hunting. The materials used will be inferior, and the crossbow will not have the power and accuracy that most avid hunters are looking for. 

Ravin crossbows are an unashamedly premium product and their prices reflect the quality, power, and accuracy that you get with every shot. They have an awesome lineup of bows and accessories for any type of hunting situation.

They also stir up a level of confidence in knowing that you too can take longer and highly accurate shots when using Ravin products. With the reputation of the hardcore hunting team and experienced product designers behind each crossbow, this feeling is worth the price tag.

How Long Will a Ravin Crossbow Last?

Ravin crossbows are famously dependable. Part of this is because of their shooting system which reduces friction and creates a better-balanced crossbow overall. This means that the limbs and cable are actuated more consistently, maximizing the lifespan of each part. Because the string and arrow are free to float above the rail, not only is it quieter, but it eliminates string friction, improving the string’s life. 

One thing to note is that although the Frictionless Flight technology reduces direct wear on the string, the short cables used in the HeliCoil system have to resist very high poundage. This does mean that the string life is lower than average.

So yes, it’s more expensive, but with that price tag comes higher quality materials, manufacturing, and design. That means less maintenance overall and fewer replacement parts are needed – other than the string. Seems like a fair balance, right?

Is Ravin The Most Expensive Crossbow Brand?

You might be surprised to hear it, but Ravin isn’t the most expensive brand on the market. 

While they set a new standard for technological development in the crossbow world, other premium brands like Tenpoint and Excalibur are now competing on the tech level. That means they have equal and even higher-priced crossbows. 

Probably the biggest consumer advantage to such high-priced, premium crossbows is the effect of trickle-down technology. In other words, the tech used on the top-of-the-line crossbows is now appearing in more inexpensive crossbows. 

Within Ravin’s product line, the innovative system—made up of HeliCoil, TTFS, Versa Draw cocking, and Frictionless Flight—exists throughout the entire range of products. Their most inexpensive and arguably “entry-level” model (the Ravin R10) is significantly more expensive than what most would consider being entry-level, but it has the performance of a top-of-the-line crossbow. 

And as mentioned already, similar tech is being adopted by more affordable brands like Wicked Ridge, which is a great thing for the industry.

Should I Get an Entry or Mid-Level Ravin?

Anybody who purchases a Ravin R10 will notice immediately the incredible accuracy that Ravin crossbows are famous for. This accuracy stays pretty much the same throughout the entire line-up of crossbows which isn’t surprising considering how much development went into the system. 

What you will notice with a mid-level Ravin is that the speed of your shots will increase drastically. With the R10 shooting at an already impressive 400 FPS (feet per second), you can get up to 500 FPS with the R500 series or between 430 and 450 FPS with other models. 

Speed isn’t the only thing to consider. Mid-level Ravin crossbows also benefit from much more compact designs like the R26X that measure a tiny 26 inches in length (compared to 33” for the R10). This makes them much more maneuverable in dense brush, plus they can be easier to balance and shoulder.  

Realistically any model that you want sitting above the “entry-level” R10 will be based on a very specific requirement because the R10 set the benchmark for what a premium crossbow should be.

So if the price tag of the R500 is out of budget, by all means, go for a mid-level or entry-level Ravin. You won’t be disappointed!

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