Burris Crossbow Scope Review

Scopes are undeniably one of the best upgrades you can make to your crossbow. That’s because it’s all well and good having a powerful and accurate crossbow. But if your scope isn’t properly sighted-in or unclear, it doesn’t matter how “accurate” your crossbow is it won’t be enough.

As crossbows become more technologically advanced, we now have the option of rangefinding scopes. They not only provide incredibly clear sighting but also built-in rangefinding to help you get the perfect shot.

We’re all about providing our customers and readers with the best possible hunting experience with their crossbow. If that means that an electronic assist can help you get a better quality shot with fewer steps, we are all for it.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Burris Oracle X Rangefinding Crossbow Scope.


The Burris Oracle X has kept the electronic features to a minimum, retaining much of the analog functionality and usability that crossbow hunters are already familiar with.

One of the standout features has to be the built-in rangefinder. Dedicated crossbow hunters will use a rangefinder to dial in the distance – unless you prefer to go old school with binoculars or a handheld rangefinder.

Integrating an electronic rangefinder into the scope means you have one fewer “step” in the sighting process before you can take the shot. Plus, it’s one less thing to carry around.

It may not sound like a big deal, but as you probably already know, when out on a hunt, any bit of time you can spare to get ready for a shot can be the difference between getting the shot and not.

The Burris Oracle X takes the rangefinding capabilities one step further with exceptional 2-7x magnification that will automatically adjust the aim point as you zoom in or out.

On top of this, one of our favorite features of the Oracle X is that it allows you to freely adjust the magnification before or after ranging. That means you can set the range and know that it will stay set for up to two minutes while you find the perfect target.

Again, this is a great time saver that allows you to focus on the target and never risk losing a shot.

Rangefinding is done using a single button click. It can be either on top of the unit or more conveniently using the Bluetooth (wireless) remote. The remote is designed to be attached to the crossbow body so you can range while shouldering the crossbow. The attachment is with the supplied velcro tape or zip ties, whichever is more practical to find your perfect button placement.

The Oracle X also allows you to create two profiles, ideal for setting up the scope for two different weight arrows. That means that regardless of whether you’re shooting large or small game, you won’t need to change anything other than switching profiles with a couple of clicks.


The build quality on all Burris optics is at the top end, and the Oracle X is no different. The unit is fully waterproof, shockproof, fogproof, and nitrogen-filled so you need never worry about losing sight of your target.

And if anything was to go wrong, Burris offers a no-questions asked forever warranty on the scope. This is pretty much unheard of with any other piece of electronic equipment!

The rest of the technical specs are as follows:

  • 2-7x Variable Zoom with Magnification Compensation
  • Wireless Remote
  • Forever Warranty
  • Integrated Inclinometer
  • Electronic Bubble Level
  • Battery Life 3,000+ activations
  • Auto-Brightness
  • Minimum range: 5 yds
  • Compatible with Weaver and Picatinny style rails
  • Length: 11.9″
  • Width: 2.95″
  • Height: 3.28″
  • Center to base height: 2.0″
  • Field of View: Low – 47ft at 100 yd / High – 14ft at 100yd

What I Love About the Oracle X

We’ve already mentioned the no questions asked forever warranty, but we need going to say it again.

The Burris Oracle X Crossbow Rangefinding scope comes with a no-questions asked unlimited lifetime warranty!

It is the ultimate peace of mind for a piece of electronics equipment used almost exclusively outdoors and in all kinds of weather conditions. After all, it’s a sizable investment in your crossbow.

The Bluetooth remote is a great addition to making the scope system completely wireless. It might have been a concern before, but the technology is proven reliable, so you should never worry about losing signal or the remote not communicating with the scope at that crucial moment.

With nearly 50 years of experience, Burris has an exceptional track record for sighting optics, but they have still added some failsafe features to the Oracle X just in case the electronic rangefinding doesn’t work for any reason.

If the scope cannot range a target for any reason, perhaps because of an obstacle in the way, there is a fixed reticle with multiple aim points, you can still use the scope and not have a wasted day.

Where the Oracle X Misses the Mark

There isn’t much to say that’s bad about the Oracle X, so we need to get picky.

It would have been nice to see some more color options for the reticle other than just red. Some hunters might find the lack of choice a little frustrating, and for those who have problems differentiating colors, it’s a potential issue.

The sight in process is time-consuming. The thing with any piece of new tech is that you want to get it out of the box and ready as quickly as possible, and sighting an Oracle X will likely take a morning at the range. Fortunately, if you purchase your crossbow and Burris scope from us, we can set it up and sight it in for you so that when you take it out of the box, it’ll be ready to shoot.

Another thing is the remote. While we love the fact that it’s Bluetooth and fully wireless, the size of the remote will make it harder to attach in a convenient position on shorter crossbows. Hopefully, this is something that Burris can improve soon and make available as an aftermarket upgrade.

Should I Get the Burris Oracle X?

Our goal at Borkholder Archery is to help you experience successful hunts so that you have stories to share with your family and friends.

Based on our research and testing, there is no doubt the Burris Oracle X will take your hunt to another level. So get your Burris Oracle X today!

If you still have questions or want to see a demo of the Burris, stop by our archery shop in Milford, IN.

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