Ravin Vibration Dampeners


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  • Extend the life of your crossbow by increasing stability and shock absorption
  • Simply seat the limb dampeners between the Ravin limbs next to the riser pockets
  • This quick and easy installation gives you a quieter, smoother shot immediately
  • UV & weather-resistant tactical black construction
  • 2-Pack


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Why Match Weight Matters

When choosing Firenock lighted nocks you have an option to weight match the non lighted nocks to the lighted nocks. If not, there is roughly a 23 grain difference between the two that can result in lower impacted points at distances of 30 yards and beyond, and also change your front of center percentages.

There is a simulated weight that attaches to your nock just the same as the lighted nock that will make all of the nocks weigh the same.

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