TenPoint ACUslide vs ACUdraw

TenPoint ACUslide vs ACUdraw

ACUdraw De-Cock and ACUslide are safe cocking and de-cocking systems developed by TenPoint that appear across most of their own and most Wicked Ridge crossbows which are designed and built by TenPoint Crossbow Technologies.

There have been several iterations developed, but these are now the two flagship technologies that are helping TenPoint and Wicked Ridge stand out from the competition. These options offer a safe cocking and de-cocking across the widest range of crossbows on the market.

But, what are the noticeable differences between the ACUdraw De-Cock and ACUslide systems? And which is the best for you?

What Is ACUdraw De-Cock?

ACUdraw De-Cock is undeniably the most affordable safe cocking and de-cocking system available today. 

It appears on TenPoint crossbows that sit on the edge of entry and mid-level, like the Titan De-Cock and the mid to high-end Wicked Ridge crossbows, the Fury 410 De-Cock and Raider 400 De-Cock.

In other words, you can get this top-end crossbow functionality for only $750-$1000.

The ACUdraw De-Cock system requires you to manually position the sled on the string to cock or de-cock the crossbow. It means you can cock and crucially de-cock the string on your TenPoint or Wicked Ridge crossbow with only 5 lbs of force. 

What Is ACUslide?

ACUslide is a highly refined and fully integrated cocking and de-cocking system from TenPoint. It features an incredibly simple to use cranking system requiring only 5 lbs to operate. The ACUslide system automatically engages the clutch reducing the process steps and guaranteeing safe use, especially if you need to let go of the crank arm.

This is regarded as the safest cocking and de-cocking crossbow system on the market today.

The system uses a completely silent cranking system to avoid making unnecessary noise while out on a hunt, and it is also very lightweight. You’re probably thinking about what “lightweight” really translates to. To put it in context, the cheapest TenPoint crossbow featuring ACUslide technology, the TenPoint Turbo S1, comes in at only 7.3 lbs. That is seriously lightweight!

What Is the Difference Between ACUslide and ACUdraw De-Cock?

The two systems provide the same fundamental function but the way that each operates is what makes all the difference. To put it simply, ACUdraw De-Cock is a more basic version of ACUslide. That is where the genius lies.

ACUslide came about as an evolution of the ACUdraw system first introduced in 2007. The system has gone through many changes and updates to become what it is today, along with a couple of further iterations that we will get on to later. 

In 2020, ACUslide, the evolved and technologically advanced version, was introduced.

Perhaps one of the reasons that the ACUslide is considered one of the best systems on the market is because it is completely integrated into the crossbow and requires fewer steps to cock. With fewer steps setting up takes less time and movement than the ACUdraw De-Cock.

What’s the Difference in Sound?

There is not much of a difference in sound between the ACUdraw De-Cock and ACUslide systems. In the previous versions of the ACUdraw there was an audible click but today’s ACUdraw De-Cock system has eliminated the clicking sound.

Is ACUdraw, ACUdraw Pro, or ACUdraw 50 Still Available?

Yes. These are still available as aftermarket upgrades and they still come on some models from the factory.

What Crossbows Have ACUslide and ACUdraw De-Cock?

This idea that the two cocking systems are perfectly suited to different levels and price points of crossbows is even clearer when you look at which crossbows feature the ACUdraw De-Cock and ACUslide technology.

ACUdraw De-Cock, is available on the Wicked Ridge Raider 400 De-Cock and the flagship Fury 410 De-Cock. In the TenPoint line-up of crossbows, the ACUdraw De-Cock system appears on the TenPoint Titan De-Cock (one of their most popular crossbows) and no other.

The premium ACUslide system is only available on TenPoint crossbows, starting with the TenPoint Turbo S1 at $1,349.99 and up to their top-of-the-line models like the Flatline 460 and Nitro 505

What Hunters Are Saying About ACUslide

Probably the greatest benefit to the ACUslide system is its ease of use and simplicity. It is a theme we have seen come up in so many reviews of TenPoints line-up of crossbows using ACUslide with almost every hunter mentioning the system before raving about the power and accuracy of the crossbow. 

There’s not much more to report. The system is doing what it intended to do. 

It is a technology that encourages greater confidence in its simplicity. That’s because the process of cocking and de-cocking is so easy, quick, and done without a second thought. That leaves more time to focus on the shot and everything else that makes a TenPoint crossbow great. 

It’s not only avid hunters loving the new system either. We have heard of a few reports about hunters being so happy to buy a new crossbow for their kids (nine years old). Thanks to the ACUslide system, they can be completely unassisted because of the lighter weight and the minimal force required to safely cock and de-cock the bow.

Older hunters are also raving about the simplicity of the system. Crossbow hunters are able to hunt into their 70s because of the ease and simplicity of ACUslide.

Now an established technology with tons of reviews and customer feedback, we can confidently say that ACUslide is the safest cocking and de-cocking system on the market for both new and experienced hunters.

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