Wicked Ridge Rampage XS

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The new Rampage XS crossbow from Wicked Ridge is bringing together performance and affordability. Choose between ACUdraw and the adjustable stock.

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Factory Package

  • Pro-View Lighted Scope
  • Quiver
  • 3 Match 400 Arrows


Pro-View Lighted Scope

3x scope includes lighted colored dots (red and green).

Tactical Stock (with Optional Rope Sled)

Locks in six positions and allows for up to 2.5-inches of extra adjustability in five different ½-inch increments. The tactical stock is not included with the ACUdraw.

Ultra-Crisp 3.5-Pound Trigger

You’ll love the reliable feel of this trigger.

ACUdraw Cocking Device (Optional)

Reduces draw weight to about 5-pounds.

Weight 7.5 lbs


Pro-View Lighted Scope


Peak XT


390 FPS



Width Cocked


Width Uncocked




Draw Weight

175 lbs

Cocking Aid

Rope Sled, ACUdraw

60 reviews for Wicked Ridge Rampage XS

  1. Bmac

    Easy assembly, good weight, easy to use, right on target at 20yds first shot. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  2. Shamdog

    Bought rampage 360 with accudraw for wife last Christmas 2021, in the past she used my old excaliber but could not dock it with the rope, she’s only 4″11″. She loves the wicked ridge easy to use, light accurate and easy to use. Harvested her first deer with it. Ihunt Whitetail Deer.

  3. Jamhoch

    Excellent cross bow for the price! Love that’s it’s made here in Ohio! I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  4. Chow

    I was looking for my first crossbow and the Rampage XS was a at a great price for all that you get. I think it is not only a great starter crossbow but base on all that you get with the bow. It is American built and has all the technology you need in a crossbow. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  5. Ron t

    The weight is acceptable accurate out of the package with minor adjustments. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  6. Rob3621

    I love the lightweight of the bow. Easily put together and scope is every accurate. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  7. DKW WV

    Going on 4th season. One limb problem first year but returned & repaired- no issues. I hunt Bear.

  8. Buckhunter75

    From the time I took it out of the box, I knew that this might be my last crossbow I will ever need. The quality of this bow is amazing. I took it out to shoot at a target and it was fast and shot so smooth. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  9. sle2115

    Very fast and very affordable. Great quality at a great price. Accurate, dependable, and quiet. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  10. Kevin Kevin kevin

    Great all around starter bow. Accurate, light and easy to put on target. Got a deer from 50 yards or better and was impressed with the accuracy. Good product.

  11. Domtheslayer

    This is my first crossbow I have ever owned. I am 9 years old and started hunting last year. I love to hunt and am excited to add bow hunting into my hunting routine. The cossbow shoots great! I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  12. Adam12

    Easy to shoot and great for teaching kids to hunt. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.



  14. BowHunterPlanet

    If you are looking for a great bow with a low price, look no further, this bow has it all. To be honest I am always surprised you can get this bow for this low of a cost. The technology and American Built crossbow that Tenpoint Provides you in this Wicked Ridge is incredible. When friends and family ask me what bows to look at, I always say check out wicked ridge. These bows are built with quality and provide you an American made crossbow at a price that does not break the bank. My Son had his first buck kill with this bow and he loves it! I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  15. Kirby13

    Good crossbow, no complaints. Looking for my next upgrade. Narrower limbs is what I’m after. And more fps. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  16. Old balls

    Excellent performance and accuracy out of the box! The only complaint is … It’s a bit heavy. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  17. Marko

    Great starter crossbow for those not sure if they will like hunting or have small properties. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  18. Glotfeltya

    This was my first crossbow purchase and I’m more than happy with it! The customer service is great too! I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  19. Rmcscott

    Love this crossbow, my son and I both killed our first “ arrow deer” with this bow. I hut Whitetail Deer.

  20. First time crossbow

    Took it out at end of last bow season, first time hunting with a crossbow. Was easy to carry with shoulder harness I purchased for it. Light weight. Only issue I had was the quiver mount is not very good, tightens up but with moving around gets lose. Mine fell off while going into the woods. Luckily I found it. But shot bow at range and it shoots great. Love my bow. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  21. Scottyh55

    I bought a Rampage XS for my dad and he Loves it! He went on several hunts this year and was able to harvest the biggest boar he had ever seen and took down a beautiful chocolate antler 8 point. He and I are very pleased with this crossbow. Easy to use, well balanced and built to last. Thank you building such a great product.

  22. 1979Tbone

    Really easy to use. Great accuracy. I love the cocking mechanism. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  23. TrapperCity

    Reliable. Accurate Bow. Wicked Ridge makes an exceptional crossbows at competitive prices. Tough in the field and rarely needs maintenance. I hunt Bear, Whitetail Deer.

  24. BillT

    Have been using my wicked ridge crossbow for about 10 years and has never let me down. The cocking assist is so easy to use and since I’m over 70 allow me to load my crossbow even though I have had bursitis in my shoulders.

  25. Snowman007

    It does da trick Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla ,bla ,bla. I hunt Hog, Turkey, Whitetail Deer, Other.

  26. Emery

    This is a outstanding crossbow it’s super fast I love the crank on it and it’s deadly accurate I’ve killed multiple deer with it I’m thinking about handing it down to my grandson and buying another one that’s awesome also I’m definitely sticking with Ten point crossbows. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  27. Jgille

    Light to carry great crossbow love everything about this crossbow Accu draw makes it really nice easy to set up and shoot.

  28. Dawny

    Checked this out in person wish I could afford it, very nice bow

  29. Tad70

    Had never used a crossbow previously but had bow hunted previously. I need something to shoot after shoulder surgery. This Bow works well and didn’t break the bank. I hunt Hog, Whitetail Deer, Other.

  30. RJ488

    Nice bow, love the accudraw on it makes things a lot easier at home practicing or in the stand! I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  31. Baker

    Good bow, easy to use with deadly accuracy I’ve satisfied with my purchase

  32. Tom Xander

    This is an awesome Crossbow. It’s fast, accurate and reliable. I love it!!! It allows me to be able to get out of the house and go bow hunting. It is very accurate which gives me the confidence I need when I get an opportunity for a shot. My grandsons also enjoy shooting it at my target block. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  33. Dave1

    I did a lot of research before buying my first crossbow and in the end decided on Wicked Ridge Rampage. The quality of the bow is exceptional and accuracy out of the box was dead on at 20 yards. Easy to handle, well-balanced, solid built bow. Accudraw is easy to use and a game-changer vs. rope pulled cocking devices. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  34. Johnaka

    This is a great crossbow to get your kids hunting especially those needing a short stock. With its speed and longer arrows it does have a drop at distances after 30yds but my daughter was able to knock bolts into a 1” group at 20. Looking forward to many future hunts. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  35. Trap4life

    This thing amazes me. The size and strength not to mention durability bits all other crossbows I’ve had in the past to shame. Best crossbow in the game! I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  36. Steak

    This bow is everything I need and want. Between power, weight, accuracy, quality of the build, and not to mention the accudraw system. I don’t need a speed freak so this is the bow for me. I love that they’re made here in the US and attention to detail is always there. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  37. Daaaabeck

    Amazing bow, accurate right out of the box! You will be filling your freezer in no time! The only time you miss is when you’re a sub par hunter like I am ha! I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  38. DeerHunter Leroy

    One of the best crossbows I’ve ever owned. I had my biggest buck to date 100 yards from my stand and slowly creeped closer to me. He would not come much closer and I pinged him at 70 yards. I knew it was either watch him walk off or take that chance. So that’s what I did. I brought my wicked crossbow up on my shoulder and squeezed the trigger, with such a light trigger pull the bow shot off and the deer hit the ground. You would have thought I hit him with a 300 mag he went down so fast. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  39. Johnhaat

    This is my first crossbow and has been great! Out of the box accuracy is unreal! Very easy to use! Thank you! I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  40. Wt chief

    “Great crossbow, easy to assemble, very little sighting in to do( really was within 6” at 50 yards out of the box)
    Super fast at 400 fps, wish it had the new de-cocking device, not a fan of having to shoot into a target at end of each hunt ( I hunt a lot) most every day.” I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  41. Debar

    It’s very accurate. I was able to harvest a deer this year at 45 yards. I never felt comfortable shooting that far with any of my other bows. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  42. J W A

    All around the lightest and most accurate crossbow I’ve ever used if money wasn’t tight I’d upgrade. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  43. Randy 15

    Light weight , easy to use and set up . Very accurate. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  44. 13 Pointer

    A less expensive but accurate and dependable crossbow. My Wicked Ridge is 6-8 years old and will get a new string at a reputable shop this year. I only take a whitetail ever few years but it’s always a good older one. I always wait for a 5 to 10 yard shot. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  45. Redhead

    First year I killed four deer with my crossbow this year three no more need to rifle hunt! I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  46. RingoStar

    I have no complaints of my Wicked Ridge, easy to cock, arrows fly straight, I have had good service for Ten Point. I hunt Western Big Game (Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn), Whitetail Deer.

  47. Frank17

    Tenpoint is the most safely crossbow on the market . It is very easy to carry from truck to tree stand . Tenpoint is a killing machine.

  48. Cyberjohn1

    This was a great choice for me. I wanted to ease into the crossbow world after shooting a friends. I found the crossbow to be accurate and lots of fun. I have had mine for about one year. Quality is fantastic.

  49. Pacheco

    It’s a great crossbow shoots fast and accurate and not heavy. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  50. Amish

    Never thought I’d own a cross bow won it at a gun show and it is nice. I hunt Turkey, Whitetail Deer.

  51. Stacman

    My crossbow is actually a Warrior G3, which apparently is no longer manufactured, but almost identical to the Rampage. Came very close to my zero and shoots smoothly. Highly recommend Wicked Ridge if you are on a budget. This is my first crossbow and won’t be the last! I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  52. Rich 56

    I have been very fortunate that when the opportunity for a deer has been given to me my wicked ridge cross bow has given me success. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  53. Veez549

    “Purchased this crossbow during the 2002 bow season. Found it accurate, fast, and easy to sight in. The cocking system is a plus.
    Took a nine point with my first and only shot at a deer!” I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  54. Chad Donbach

    Bought my Wicked Ridge crossbow during the 2022 bow season. Easy to sight and accurate. I hunt whitetail deer.

  55. Dareid58

    Spent a lot of time researching as this was my first crossbow. Local dealer had fine tuned and scope dialed in the day I purchased it. Light weight and reliable, confident when I’m in the stand. Accudraw is an added bonus. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I hunt whitetail deer.

  56. G PA

    Due to an accident and 4 strokes I can not pull a bow. Now with a Ten Point Wicked Ridge I am back hunting with my son. It is easy to carry and opperate. I just feels safe with the safety featured. I hunt turkey and whitetail deer.

  57. wildthing1188

    It is best crossbow I ever shoot and all the deer I shot at and it is easy to used and sight it in. I hunt whitetail deer.

  58. Turkey hunter 60

    In July of 2022 I was diagnosed with some muscle deterioration in my right shoulder making it very difficult to draw back my compound bow! I was devastated that I would not be able to hunt deer fall! I was talking to a friend of mine who mentioned to apply for a crossbow permit through the game and fis department, which I did and they approved the permit! I went shopping online and local stores, reading reviews etc. I decided to go with the ten point wicked ridge and couldn’t be happier with my decision,it’s super fast and fits me perfectly and far exceeded my expectations! I hunt turkey.

  59. Patrick J

    Bought the Tenpoint Blackhawk crossbow for my father in law and am very pleased with it in every way. The minimal assembly required was very quick and easy and the quality and features were well worth the price. I hunt whitetail deer.

  60. West

    This crossbow is great. I like that it is light and very accurate up to 50 yds. I hunt whitetail deer.

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