Wicked Ridge NXT 400

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The NXT 400 is the narrowest crossbow ever made by Wicked Ridge at 6″ wide when cocked. It shoots arrows 400 FPS and includes everything you need for the hunt.


  • Crossbow
  • TenPoint 3x Pro-View Scope
  • Cocking Device: ACUdraw
  • 3 Pro Elite 400 Carbon Arrows with Practice Points

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The Narrowest and Most Accurate Wicked Ridge Crossbow Ever.

An ultra-narrow 6-inches wide, the NXT 400 is designed by hunting crossbow leader TenPoint and unleashes devastating speeds at 400 feet-per-second with jaw-dropping kinetic-energy, and match-grade downrange accuracy.  At 400 feet-per-second with a 400-grain arrow, the NXT 400 is the best hunting crossbow TenPoint has ever made under the Wicked Ridge name.

American Built by American Workers, the NXT 400 provides a combination of width, speed, accuracy, and built-in ACUdraw cocking device that is unrivaled at its unbeatable price.

  • Pre-sighted at 20-yards
  • Easy 1-bolt Assembly
  • Ready-to-Hunt Package


  • Length: 33″
  • Width
    • Cocked: 6″
    • Uncocked: 11.3″
  • Power Stroke: 15.5″
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs
  • Velocity (Pro Elite 400 Carbon Arrows, 400 gr): 400 FPS
  • Velocity (Wicked Ridge XX75 Aluminum Arrows, 435 gr): 380 FPS
  • Kinetic Energy: 142
  • Draw Style: Forward Draw

2 reviews for Wicked Ridge NXT 400

  1. Tightline03

    The bow is fantastic,however the cams were not installed correctly so the cables are hitting on the cam studs so I have to send in for new cables and cams after 15 shots because cables bent the cam studs and one cable snapped.

  2. Silver lips

    “Excellent bow for the money. Has higher end features at a lower price.
    Wish it wasn’t discontinued though.
    Haven’t totally sighted it in yet. I actually upgraded to a speed dial scope. Scope that came with it is just fine. I just decided to go up a notch.
    Can’t beat Ten Point products and having had service on previous bows. I have had nothing but too notch.”. I hunt whitetail deer.

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