Wicked Ridge Ambush Bowpack

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Perfect to take to your treestand or ground blind, the camouflaged Ambush crossbow bowpack is equipped with two external zippered pockets for storage of calls, rangefinder, extra clothing, cellphone, etc. In addition, the pack also features two side elastic pockets for storing water bottles or a quiver with arrows. A top-mounted rubber grip handle provides easy transportation and is designed to be hung from the tree for easy access to the pack.

Designed for optimal protection and ease of crossbow transport, the water-resistant crossbow case features a padded exterior shell constructed from Brushed Tricot, and a padded interior with two hook and loop straps to secure the crossbow during travel.

The crossbow bowpack also provides safe and legal transportation for crossbows where weapons must be cased during transportation.

Fits Wicked Ridge models RDX400, Invader X4, Warrior Ultra-Lite, Ranger X2, NXT400, M-370, Invader 400, Rampage 360, Blackhawk 360, Fury 410 De-Cock, Raider 400 De-Cock, Woodsman 360


• Case Length: 35”
• Case Width: 17”
• Case Depth: 11”


22 reviews for Wicked Ridge Ambush Bowpack

  1. ScottD

    Well made with good material. Very functional. It’ll carry everything you need into the field. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  2. Hoodaddy

    I love the RDX 400 it was very easy to put together plus the customer service at ten point was awesome . When I first shot it At 20 and 40 yd it was dead on I have it cited in at 60 yd also which I figure is far enough I love the way it’s built it is tough well manufactured I know it has a good warranty and awesome customer service and it’s made here in the USA and in my State of Ohio. It is the crossbow I’ve ever owned and I’m already thinking of get another so my nephew can hunt with me . Thank ten for making a great crossbow and having such awesome people in your customer service Center. I hunt Hog, Whitetail Deer.

  3. Alloy

    Light, well padded, whisper quiet, a great assortment of pockets and storage for all those things you can’t without while on stand, and of the highest quality construction. In a word, a “Keeper”. I hunt Turkey.

  4. ZSK21

    Fits my NXT 400 very nicely. Has great storage on the front for all my crossbow accessories and arrows. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  5. Monsterbuck1

    It’s been the most reliable crossbow I have ever owned. I have owned a few. Its easy to operate for me and my kids. Its fast and quite. I have even shot multiple deer with it at a time seconds apart from each other. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  6. Bob Colin

    Product is well made and protects the crossbow when not being used . Easy to carry. I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  7. Schof

    Fast fast fast….gr8 features….gr8 company to deal with too ..love it! I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  8. Kimmi M

    Comfortable, cool and can carry absolutely everything you’ll need. Good job tenpoint!

  9. J Taco

    “The raider 400 de-cock is the first crossbow I’ve owned and i am very impressed so far. It’s built ergonomically correct in all aspects, nice and light, user friendly. The main feature that sold me on this crossbow is the cock/de-cock capability at its price. It only took 2 shots to get it zeroed in @20 yards, and was very satisfied with the speed and consistency.
    The only issue I’ve had is with the cocking claw not staying tight while in the stored position. Not sure if this is a common issue ot not.
    Overall I am very satisfied with it, can’t wait to get to hunt with it.” I hunt Whitetail Deer.

  10. Sam Iii

    Has lots of room for any narrow crossbow lots of room for quiver and arrows. I hunt whitetail deer.

  11. Joe R

    I purchased the raider 400 crossbow for its light weight and its decocking devise. I had trouble with other crossbows with discharging them after hunt. I would have to bring bag or use discharge bolt. It is nice to use decocking devise after days hunt. Very easy to use.

  12. Mickey98

    All around, it is lightweight, accurate, easy to crank and shoot. I love the design and balance. I hunt whitetail deer.

  13. Rob Friedrich

    Worked great for my crossbow with oracle scope. Lots of pockets for arrows and equipment. I hunt whitetail deer.

  14. Holub

    I purchased this case to carry my NXT 400 Crossbow with bolts,quiver and rangefinder . Very comfortable and light !! I hunt hog, turkey, and whitetail deer.

  15. Kook

    Bag is a great fit for my RDX400, plus plenty of room for extra hunting and range accessories. I hunt whitetail deer.

  16. Ronnie M

    Love the bowpack due to it fitting everything I need in it. It could use something to help keep the crossbow stable and getting beaten up. So I made my own and now its keeps my bow from moving so much. Would buy again. I hunt whitetail deer.

  17. Jack Shiloh

    I contacted Ten Point to ask which case was compatible with my new Nitro 505 and they recommended the Wicked Ridge Ambush model. It arrived a few days after the order and was a great fit. Thanks, Ten Point.

  18. Doug Sloyer

    I ordered this bow pack after purchasing a Wicked Ridge Raider 400 De-Cock. I wanted to protect my bow plus have an easy way to carry it. When I ordered I was told it would be a 3-4 week delay for shipping, No worries, it shipped the same day I ordered and received 2 days later. Packaging was great, easy ordering, fast shipping, excellent product. My bow fits perfectly, has plenty of space for everything I want to carry. Extremely happy with my purchase and now my father in law wants to buy one for himself. Would absolutely purchase this again from this amazing company. I hunt hog, whitetail deer, other.

  19. Greg Grizz Czech

    Appears to be well built. Have yet to “field test” it. I hunt turkey, bear, and whitetail deer.

  20. Snack

    I really like the Wicked Ridge Ambush Bowpack. I was a little hesitant to order it not thinking my Wicked Ridge Invader 400 would fit with the measurements in the specs for the crossbow verses the Bowpack. It does fit snug until you unzip the front to let the foot stir up stick out. I’m glad I got it! Plenty of storage with the outer pockets. It has Velcro straps to secure crossbow and backpack straps giving you the freedom to carry other equipment while case is on your back.

  21. phillyB007

    Fit xbow like a glove. Lots of room for bolts and accessories. We’ll built. I hunt whitetail deer.

  22. Dioxinman52

    WELL-MADE. Fits my crossbow perfectly. My only wish would be to add smaller pockets inside the big zippered gear compartments for small items. I hunt hog, western big game (Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn), whitetail deer, other.

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