Mission Foot Stirrup

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This Removable Foot Stirrup is designed for the Mission Sub-1 Crossbow

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How To Setup the Mission Foot Stirrup

  • Fits Mission Sub-1 Crossbow
  • Turn the crossbow over and completely remove the two set screws holding the rubber bumpers to the riser
  • Then slide rubber bumpers out of riser
  • Locate writing “This Side Down” on the stirrup
  • Orientate text to face the bottom of the crossbow
  • Insert stirrup into riser and check for correct orientation for shooting axis avoidance
  • Thread the two supplied button head screws through the riser and into the stirrup
  • Check to make sure the stirrup is secured to the riser

1 review for Mission Foot Stirrup

  1. thompson (verified owner)

    This foot stirrup made cocking my sub-one MUCH easier. Without it, I had to lean against something and put two feet in the tiny built in stirrups. It was doable but awkward. Now I can easily cock my bow using only one foot. The built in stirrups are small and I wear a size 12 making it a tight fit. Now I have a huge area to put in my foot. I am 6 foot tall and so I had to bend way over to cock the bow. Now not so much. The stirrup gives me a convenient way to hand the bow and even helps it when if I want to stand it up in a stand. It keeps my broadheads from contacting brush. And it keeps my muddy boots off of my expensive crossbow. There are more advantages but I’ll stop with these.

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