Killer Instinct Machine


Super small, light weight, with the best possible trigger on the market. The Machine not only has all those things, but is in a package that is a pleasure to shoot. The all new Machine will change what most people think about crossbows the first time they pack it into the woods.

2017 Model Available – Killer Instinct 370 FRT


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2017 Model Available – Killer Instinct 370 FRT

Some will call The All New Killer Instinct Machine “Well-Oiled”. Others might call it “Ultimate Hunting”. Either way, the MACHINE offers industry-leading technology, balance and design in one package. 

Killer Instinct Machine Crossbow


Self-proclaimed as the first ever Sub-Compact Crossbow, the Killer Instinct Machine is just over 25” carrying length with the Flip-Tech Stock in folded position. Also paramount, the MACHINE includes the patent-pending, frictionless 2lb TriggerTech™ Trigger with Sure-Safe™ Anti-Dry Fire System.   Weighing is at less than 7lbs and firing bolts up to 385fps, this bow delivers extraordinary performance out of the compact and well-balanced CNC-enhanced frame.

Package Includes:

  • Illuminated Crystal Glass Scope
  • 3-Bolt Solid Lok Quiver
  • 3- Killer Tech 20” Crossbolts
  • Rope Cocker
  • Rail Lube

Killer Instinct Machine Specs.

Draw Weight                     185 lbs.

Mass Weight                      6.8 lbs

Speed                                  385 fps (355fps with 415 gr. bolt)

Power Stroke                    14.5 in.

Over All Length                34 in. (with stock folded 25.5 in.)

Axle-to-Axle When Cocked        14.5in.


TriggerTech and Killer Instinct Machine

Killer Instinct™ Performance Crossbows and TriggerTech™ have partnered to offer crossbows with an industry-leading zero creep, frictionless trigger.For 2015 Killer Instinct Machine is the first crossbow to include the patent-pending Frictionless 2lb TriggerTech Trigger with SureSafe™ Anti-Dry Fire System From the factory.

The Killer Instinct Machine Trigger Details

  • 2lb Zero Creep TriggerTech Single Stage Trigger
  • TriggerTech Sure Safe Anti-Dry fire mechanism
  • TriggerTech Silent Safety
  • Carbon Fiber Arrow retainer
  • Custom Lever with vertical grooves and comfortable ergonomics
Free Add-On

6 Standard Custom Bolts


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