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Gearhead Archery Hunter Series Bow

The Hunter Series is new for 2018! These bows are available in the T18, T20 and T24. The Hunter Series was developed to bring an exceptional value to the Gearhead Archery lineup.

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The Hunter Series is new for 2018! These bows are available in the T18, T20 and T24. The Hunter Series was developed to bring an exceptional value to the Gearhead lineup. These models are crafted with no options, so an inventory can be built up ahead. They are anodized in an earth tone color and utilize a 6061-grade aluminum. The efficiencies gained by a made to stock product is passed on to customers as cost savings. This new series is still the same robust riser construction, dead in the hand accuracy and made in the USA quality that Gearhead Archery is known for.

Hunter Series Features & Specs: T18, T20, T24

  • Color: Earthtone
  • Integrated Arm Guard & String Suppressors
  • Solid Back Wall Stops with Adjustable Let-Off
  • Black Oxide Coated Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Right to Left Handed Conversion in Minutes Without Bow Press
  • Dual Plate 6061 Aluminum Shoot Thru Riser
  • Two Track CAM System
  • Draw Weight: 40, 50, 60, 70 LB
  • Draw Length
    • T18 Draw Length: 24–29″
    • T20 Draw Length: 26–29″
    • T24 Draw Length: 25–30″
  • Bow Weight
    • T18: 3.1 LBS
    • T20: 3.2 LBS
    • T24: 3.6 LBS
  • Axle-to-Axle Length
    • T18: 18.5″
    • T20: 20.5″
    • T24: 24.5″
  • Brace Height
    • T18: 7″
    • T20: 6.5″
    • T24: 6.5″
  • Velocity
    • T18: 325 FPS
    • T20: 335 FPS
    • T24: 355 FPS
  • Kinetic Energy
    • T18: 62 ft-LB
    • T20: 65 ft-LB
    • T24: 75 ft-LB

The Hunter Series is available in Draw weights of 40, 50, 60 and 70 pounds, Draw lengths of 24″ to 30″ and mass weight of 3.1 pounds for the T18, 3.2 pounds for the T20 and 3.6 pounds for the T24. They all have adjustable let-off up to 90 percent. The T18 has a brace height of 7″ and the T20 and T24 has a brace height of 6.5″

The Gearhead Team is excited to offer such a high-quality bow at a price point of $979.00. Gearhead Archery produces products of the highest quality!

The Hunter Series also converts from right to left hand or vice versa, with the removal of 6 fasteners. The boss and pocket design of a Gearhead Archery’s bow riser takes all the stresses and torque out of the bow. Each riser measures exactly the same and the limb placement on the frame is exactly the same.

The Gearhead designers merged the military look and feel into a bow that is a bowhunters dream. These are the bows that we want to hunt with. They are compact, lightweight, versatile and fit in a pack. They are accurate, forgiving, with shootability and built like a tank! Perfect for stalking through the nastiest hunting conditions. Awesome for maneuvering between shooting lanes in the treestand. Can you imagine using these bows in your ground blind? No more giant bow cases to travel with, grab your Gearhead and go! The size, performance and shootability of these bows, makes them arguably the BEST hunting bows ever produced!

Bow Model

T18, T20, T24


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