CenterPoint Wrath 430X

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The Wrath 430X combines speed and compactness to offer the most revolutionary crossbow from CenterPoint yet. Shooting 430 feet per second, the new Wrath 430X has an inverted cam design that delivers up to 164 foot pounds of kinetic energy, with devastating impact. At a slim 9 inches axle-to-axle when fully cocked and a folding stock and stirrup, the Wrath 430X is one of the most compact crossbows on the market.

If you care about accuracy check out our custom crossbow arrows for the CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow.

  • Free Add-Ons & Upgrades

  • Assembly, Cam Synchronization, and Optics Sight-In

    We can assemble your bow, sight it in, and ensure your cams are rotating perfectly in sync to give you the best possible accuracy out of the gate. Unless shipped in a hard case, optics will not be mounted on the bow for shipping safety, but indications of where to remount the optics will be marked. Adds 1 day to shipping.
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  • Full bearing cam system produces smoother operation and increased speeds
  • 430 FPS
  • 9″ cocked 13″ un-cocked
  • Folding stock and folding stirrup that doubles as a stable bipod with 3-stage locking
  • CNC-machined aluminum rails for durability
  • Ball bearing retention spring keeps arrows in place
  • Full accessory package4×32 illuminated scope
    (3) 20″ .003 arrows
    Parallel quiver
    Silent cranking device
    Rail lube

Cocking Aid

Silent Crank, Rope Cocker

2 reviews for CenterPoint Wrath 430X

  1. Lonny Mull (verified owner)

    I purchased the Wrath 430 as a back up for my Ravin R-9, after receiving the bow and sighting it in to 50 yds i am highly impressed with its accuracy, great shoulder ability, features with it. After shooting 5 buck in 5 years with my Ravin in PA., the Wrath is going afield first next archery season because i am that impressed with it. Just a note i work in a Archery Pro shop, in my opinion the Wrath at its price point is really hard to match !! SHOOT STRAIGHT

  2. Drew Evans (verified owner)

    This is my first crossbow. Bought it so my kids could hunt this coming archery season. I added a ravin scope to my order and bought Black Eagle Executioner bolts for it. 2″ groups @ 100 yds. Bullpup design fits even my 6 yr old. He shoots it out to 50 yds. My only issue with it is the factory serving on the cables and string, broke after 25-30 shots. I reserved them and have had no trouble since. Awesome bow. Fast, Quiet and Consistant

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