Boltcutter BAT 150 GR Crossbow Broadheads


The #1 selling crossbow broadheads just got better! Excalibur’s Boltcutter BAT Broadheads are now tuneable, allowing you to align the blades so each broadhead flies identically.

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Boltcutter BAT Broadheads Come in Pack of 3

Excalibur’s Boltcutter BAT (Blade Alignment Technology) Broadheads are tune-able, allowing you to align the blades so each broadhead flies identically. The key is that the blades on each individual broadhead are aligned the same way when loaded in your crossbow. Boltcutter B.A.T. Broadheads allow you to do just this with a simple wrench and hex key. Once aligned, your groups will be dramatically tighter!

Boltcutter B.A.T. Broadheads are made of high strength stainless steel and, the proven 150 grain heads (with 1-1/16″ cutting diameter) increase front of center weight for pinpoint accuracy when shot out of today’s high performance crossbows.

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When choosing Firenock lighted nocks you have an option use the weight match nock system.

There is roughly a 23 grain difference when adding Firenock lighted nocks. It can result in lower impacted points at distances of 30 yards and beyond, and also change your front of center percentages.

There is a simulated weight that attaches to your nock just the same as the lighted nock that will make all of the nocks weigh the same. This will ensure your arrows all fly the same.

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