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Super Tune: $90 (50% Discount Bows Purchased in Store)
Paper Tune: $50 (50% Discount Bows Purchased in Store) 
Crossbow Tune: 
String Change: $25 - Full Set
Professional Bow Fitting: Free with Bow Purchase
Custom Built Arrows & Crossbow Shafts
Consignment Sales of Large Archery Equipment

Arrow Spine

You have probably witnessed this scenario or have had it happen to you at the local bow shop. A customer buys a new bow, has all the accessories added and cuts down a brand new set of arrows for his or her rig. What's wrong with this picture? The arrows were just cut to whatever the customer wants. So what's wrong with trying to please the customer? It's hard enough for a bow technician to make a educated guess on proper arrow length, the decision should not be made by the customer. Some customers do not care about matching arrow spine perfectly to a new bow, they just want to go home and shoot it. We are assuming that you care simply because you are reading this on the website. When we Super Tune a bow, standard procedure is to start with a spine and size that we think will match and leave the arrow full length. We start by cutting the arrow in a 1" increments and go to 1/2" when we get close. Then if we feel we can get it perfect we even go to 1/16". This creates a properly spined arrow that is perfectly matched to the bow and poundage you are shooting.


 Super Tune

This process involves a lot of time. We charge a flat rate to keep the cost down. If we were to charge hourly rate, it could cost anywhere between $100 - $500. We are going to cover below some of the reasons why we feel it's important to Super Tune.

String Stretch

One of the things we should talk about is string stretch. It is just one of the many reasons that a Super Tune data sheet (or dyno sheet) is very helpful after a Super Tune. If we were to plot the course of string stretch on a chart you would notice that the first 200-500 shots are accountable for 90% of any stretch that occurs over the lifespan of the string. In spite of the claims by string manufactures all strings stretch. Some more than others. How does this relate to tuning? If you buy a new bow off the shelf and have it tuned the most important thing you can do for your new purchase is to have that "tuned" data recorded on a sheet with measurements that allows you to track issues related to string stretch. This will be your benchmark for all future tuning. This allows you to keep a close eye on your marks, and numbers to let you know when it's time to re-tune and put things back in spec. One of the most obvious questions would be "Wouldn't it be better to get the initial 500 shots (90% of string stretch) out of the way and then have the bow tuned?" Not necessarily. You still have 10% of string stretch ahead of you--remember strings and cables never stop moving--so whether you have 6 shots or 600, you will still need that benchmark that was set after we got that perfect bullet hole. That is where the bow "likes" to be shot at. This is just one of the many reasons we like to Super Tune. 

Riser Flex

One of the main reasons the Super Tune came about is the ineffectiveness of static turning. With static turning we can determine centershot with a laser and knock the height with a level and a bow square while the bow is at a rest (or a relaxed position). Static tuning may be a good starting point, but can never replace Paper Tuning. Riser flex can cause a rest to move as much as a 1/4" to the side at full draw. Your rest position must reflect the flex of the riser before it will tune properly. There are several ways to Paper Tune a rig to find rest position. You can shoot the bow by hand and guess at which inconsistencies are caused by form and which is caused by equipment setups. Or you can have it Super Tuned , which is done on a shooting machine. A shooting machine provides consistency a very important ingredient when making small adjustments on today's high-tech bows.

Cam Timing

Cam timing can really suffer after a new bow has been shot several hundred times (see string stretch). Cam timing is very critical. Most people think Cam timing relates to two Cam bows and Cam 1/2 bows. But Cam timing also relates to single Cam bows and is no less critical. Some bows need to be adjusted right of the shelf. Remember these bows are being produced at high quantities and the companies don't have the time to spend on perfect Cam timing for each bow that ... Paper tuning is a great way to track Cam timing. The .... provides us with good visual references as well as paper tears that don't lie.

Super Tune Data Sheet

The data sheet is the benchmark for future turning. Having measurements down on paper that are relevant to future turning is very important.

Not sure when to schedule your next tune-up? Maybe you dropped your bow and would like to determine if anything has changed or you have noticed something doesn't feel the same or your groups have suddenly gone south, with the data sheet a Super Tune provides, you will be able to get out the tape measure and determine most issues on your own.

When we have worked through issues like arrow spine, string stretch, riser flex, cam timing, arrow clearance, rest timing and much more we will record all the data on a sheet. At Borkholder Archery we call it a "dyno sheet" for your bow. Which explain why this services is not available at your local archery shop. Paper tuning a bow by hand can take quite a bit more time than machine tuning.

Machine tuning eliminates minor inconsistencies in the form. With the Super Tune each archer can have confidence that the bow is performing as it should. Some might ask, "Wouldn't it be better to tune the bow to each person's unique shooting form?" Approximately 80-90% of archers duplicated the shooting machine with their own form of shooting. If an archer happens to fall into the other 10-20%, the Super Tune will provide them with the knowledge to make an informed decision on where and how to work on their form. Borkholder's Pro Shop technicians can answer your questions.

Custom Bow Leveling

$15 (Bars Purchased In-House)
$25 (Bring Your Own Bars)

Click Thumbnail for Larger View A lot of archers/hunters don't take into consideration the amount of weight your sight, rest, and quiver put on the side of your bow. We now have the capabilities to level your bow with the use of front stabilizers and sidebars to increase your shot accuracy and you won't be fighting your level. We have a full selection of front stabilizers and side bars.

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