Custom Arrow Shop

A True Custom Arrow DOES NOT mean just picking the color of your vanes at Borkholder Archery.

True custom arrows have at least four important components: Static spine selection, spine indexing, front-of-center (FOC), and hand fletching with the most precise jigs available today.

1.     Static spine matching is often confused with spine indexing.  Spine matching is all about deflection, or the stiffness of the arrow. It is important to match the stiffness of the arrow to the poundage and draw length of the bow. If done correctly you will achieve maximum performance out of your bow, and get the best broad head flight.

2.     Spine indexing is locating the weak spot on the arrow.  Spine indexing is the most important accuracy factor in custom arrows.  Extremely sensitive tooling is needed to accurately define low spine in a carbon shaft, and all carbon shafts have a low and high spine.  Our research has shown that group shooting off of a shooting machine at 25 yards, with 6 arrows that have been spine indexed vs 6 arrows that have not, the arrows that were spine indexed averaged a 68% tighter group.

3.     Front-Of-Center (FOC).  The FOC refers to the balance point of the arrow.  The percentage of FOC indicates what percent the balance point is forward of the center of the length of the arrow, the higher the percentage, the better performance your arrow will deliver.  FOC has two benefits for precision minded archers.  Archers can expect to see tighter groups with field tips and broad heads.  The second advantage FOC creates is more momentum and kinetic energy, thus deeper penetration on target! Borkholder Archery’s method of creating FOC is with a brass insert.  Increasing the weight of your field tip will also create similar results.  A benefit of using a brass insert is our ability to create a substantially larger amount of FOC than is possible with a field tip alone, while still using a 100 grain tip.  This method is used on our custom arrows, which gives the consumer a larger selection of broad heads to choose from when ordering from us. We like to have 15% or more FOC  This really comes into play at the longer yardages with marginal shot placement like the shoulder, having a brass insert or not could be the difference of your broad head stopping in the bone or getting into the vitals.

4.     Precision fletching.  By using state of the art equipment and a highly trained expert creates the most accurate arrow available today.  As a hunter, it is our responsibility to take quick, clean kills.  The precision fletching jigs used on all of our custom arrows are within 1/72 of a degree of being spaced 120 degrees apart.  It is very important that your vanes are spaced 120 deg apart for optimal vane performance. We also use a 1/8 deg. offset instead of a ½ or full degree of helical like most large manufacturers.  This final element helps to eliminate drag which will also create greater KE which means a more ethical hunting experience.