Scorpyd Nemesis 480


Rope Cockers & ACUDraw Pro In Stock | Aero Crank AD Available in August

(Image Shown with Patented Mathews Vibration Dampers for Illustrative Purpose Only)

Scorpyd Nemesis Crossbow Package

The 2019 Scorpyd Nemesis 480 Crossbow includes a Slogan Sling, Quiver, Borkholder’s Match Grade Custom Bolts, Hawke Scope, and multiple crank cocking options including the AeroCrank AD.

  • Optics
    • Hawke XB30 Compact
    • Hawke XB30 Pro
  • Cocking Options
    • Rope Cocker
    • ACUdraw
    • AeroCrank AD
  • 6 Match Grade Custom Bolts
  • Slogan Sling
  • Quiver

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Scorpyd Nemesis 480 Crossbow Specs

  • Velocity
    • 480FPS with 370 grain Bolt
    • 465 FPS with 400 grain Bolt
  • Width Cocked / Uncocked: 9.0″ / 16.1″
  • Crossbow Weight: 7 lb

Scorpyd Nemesis 480 Crossbow Features

  • Patented Reverse Draw Technology
  • Patented Inverted Cam Technology
  • Patented Silent Safety
  • Titanium Fasteners
  • Hogue 1911 Grip
  • Scope Rail Integrated with Trigger Box
  • Manual Safety
  • Barnsdale Laminated Limbs
  • Trigger Pull Less Than 2 lb
  • MIM Trigger Components
  • Pivoting Cable Anchors

Additional information



Finish or Pattern

Camo, Natural Black

Cocking Aid

AeroCrank AD, Rope Cocker, ACUdraw Pro


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