Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod


The DeadShot FieldPod from Caldwell is the perfect tri-pod stabilizer for long-range crossbow shooters. Improve your accuracy for the long-distance shots.

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The most important component for long-range shooting aside from kinetic energy is the rest you choose for your crossbow. Mono-pods help support the weight of a crossbow bi-pods keep side motion to a minimum. Any time you can get three legs under your pod you have the ultimate in stability.

Stability of the DeadShot FieldPod

The Caldwell Deadshot FieldPod delivers all the stability a crossbow shooter could use. Enhancing the success of a beginner and providing extra confidence for the experienced shooter to take the long shot.

The compact design lends for easy transportation to your favorite hunting spot no matter how far it is from your vehicle. Height adjustment covers from 20″ to 42″ making it perfect for kneeling or sitting. The FieldPod weighs only 6 pounds making it only a passing thought if you should take it out West to hunt Elk or take it to the Midwest to hunt whitetails and turkeys.

DeadShot FieldPod Review

“I have personally used the Deadshot FieldPod for all of the big game mentioned above and can tell you from experience in the field it is a vital accessory to my shooting.” – Loren Borkholder