Best Entry Level Crossbows

Best Entry Level Crossbows

Many new hunters are getting into crossbow hunting but don’t want to spend $1000. Here’s a review and comparison of 4 entry level crossbows that don’t break the bank. The price range is $350 – $450. Each of these crossbows includes a scope, quiver, and bolts.

Nolan’s choice is clearly the Crosman Sniper 370 because of the adjustable stock and adjustable forearm grip. The Crosman has the best optics from the group and with the 370 FPS has the punch to take down a whitetail at 70 yards.

Crosman Sniper 370

  • Adjustable Stock: when adjusted all the way in it’s similar in size to the Parker Challenger but when fully extended nicely fits an adult.
  • Adjustable forearm of about 5″
  • Velocity: 370 FPS
  • Harvest Range: 65-70 yards for Whitetail
  • The best scope of the group with lighted reticle markers out to 60 yards.
  • Includes scope, quiver, bolts, cocking device
  • $349.99 Buy Crosman Sniper 370

Parker Challenger

  • The stock size limits this to a youth or smaller person
  • Velocity: 300 FPS
  • Harvest Range: 40 Yards for Whitetail
  • Fixed reticle scope with markers to 50 yards (adjustable zoom)
  • Includes scope, quiver, bolts
  • $449.99 Buy Parker Challenger

PSE Fang

  • Adjustable forearm grip of about 2″
  • Velocity: 350 FPS
  • Harvest Range: 60 Yards for Whitetail
  • Worst scope of the group with reticle markers out to 40 yards
  • Includes scope, quiver, bolts
  • $349.99 Buy PSE Fang

Killer Instinct 350

  • Balanced well and light
  • Adjustable forearm of about 3″
  • Velocity: 350 FPS
  • Harvest Range: 60 Yards for Whitetail
  • The scope has lighted reticles with markers out to 60 yards
  • Includes scope, quiver, bolts
  • $349.99 Buy Killer Instinct 350

Additional Entry Level Crossbow Videos


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