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Getting the Gobbler Guillotine to fly like a field tip is accomplished with the Turkey Xpress bolt. It’s the best arrow/broadhead combo for hunting turkeys with a crossbow.

What Crossbows Will Work?

Most crossbows will work with the Turkey Xpress Package. The ones that will not work are the new narrow-limb crossbows and crossbows that shoot slower than 380 FPS.

Add Gobbler Guillotine Broadheads

Add some broadheads to complete the Turkey Xpress Package.

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The Ultimate Turkey Hunting Bolt/Arrow & Broadhead Combination

A lot of research has gone into creating the best combination of bolt and broadhead for turkey hunting. Many hunters prefer the Gobbler Guillotine by Arrow Dynamic Solutions which is a fixed-blade broadhead designed for taking down the biggest and meanest turkeys. The problem is that it doesn’t fly consistently or accurately — until now.

Turkey Xpress Gallery

Out to 40 yards the Gobbler Guillotine shoots same as a field tip.

Gobbler Guillotine with Custom Bolt

The Turkey Xpress Package is custom built for crossbow turkey hunters. Using the broadhead that all turkey hunters love with a custom bolt/arrow for precision and consistency. The bolt is a 24″ Gold Tip Ballistic 425 with 110 grain brass insert, plus a 50 grain FACT insert with 200 grain field tip. Because of the longer shaft the Turkey Xpress can be used on any crossbow because the broadhead will be beyond the stirrup of the crossbow. The bolt is balanced at 28–29% front-of-center which seems extreme but is necessary for accurate consistency between the field tip and Gobbler Guillotine. On the other end there are 3.5″ Bohning vanes and a nock style of your choice: capture, flat, or half moon.

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How Accurate Is The Turkey Xpress?

After doing all the testing and research we are confident in the performance of the Gobbler Guillotine on this custom bolt. Out to 40 yards the field tip and the broadhead will shoot identical and at 50 yards the broadhead hit 2″ low from the field tip.

Depending on your bow it’s possible to take down a turkey at over 50 yards but you’d need to aim few inches high to compensate. Over 60 yards you’re not going to be getting consistent results because of the aerodynamics of this large broadhead.

Comes in like a freight train with enough kinetic energy for a body or head shot at 50 yards.

How To Get Superb Performance

The Turkey Xpress comes with 200 grain field tips. After you site in your crossbow with the field tips and swap them with the broadheads adjust the Guillotine blade so that it’s aligned with the cock vane (the blades should be exactly up-and-down with). Now you’ll be dead-on and ready to kill some turkeys. Even if the broadhead is misaligned by half an inch it will dramatically affect the flight of the bolt.

There’s a rubber o-ring that allows for enough adjustment to align the broadhead correctly.

Turkey Xpress Bolt and Broadhead Combo Video

Turkey Xpress Bolt Specs

  • 24″ Gold Tip Ballistic 425 Bolt
  • 110 Grain Brass Insert
  • 50 Grain FACT Insert
  • 200 Grain Field Tip
  • 28–29% Front-of-Center
  • 3.5″ Bohning Vanes
  • Nock Style
    • Flat
    • Half Moon
    • Capture
  • Works With Any Crossbow
  • Price for Bolts
    • 1/2 Dozen – $84.99
    • 1 Dozen – $149.99

Gobbler Guillotine Specs

  • Fixed 4-Blade
  • 2.5″ Cutting Diameter
  • Price for Broadheads
    • 3 Pack – 39.99
    • 6 Pack – $79.98



1 Dozen, 1⁄2 Dozen

Nock Style

Alpha-Nock, Capture, Flat, Half Moon


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