Stryker Offspring


Stryker Offspring

Finally a Stryker Crossbow that can be set up with a crank! The Stryker Offspring accepts the Excalibur C2 crank, so if you have any problems cocking a crossbow this could be the one for you. This bow can also be uncocked without shooting it so you will eliminate a lot of the shots throughout the life of this bow.


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The all new Stryker Offspring

A perfect combination of Stryker’s advanced compound limb assembly and Excalibur’s dependable stock assembly and accessories the Stryker Offspring features the “CTS” Compact Thumbhole Stock, offset arrow quiver, and reverse dual cam system. This crossbow will stand the test of time and prove to be one of the most comfortable and accurate crossbows you ever shoot. At a blistering 360fps, the Stryker Offspring is one of the most efficient and fastest crossbows on the market while maintaining minimal noise. This bow also comes standard with a high quality Dead-Zone scope, and can easily be outfitted with Excalibur’s C2 crank for ease of cocking.  The Offspring has everything you are looking for in a top quality, feature packed crossbow that won’t break the bank. One of the most important features that most people don’t know about is the Guardian Anti-dryfire system which gives you the ability to un-cock the Stryker Offspring without shooting it which will eliminate up to 80% of the shots throughout the life of the bow. Fewer shots mean less ware and tare on your Stryker Offspring.

The new Dead Zone Scope Allows you to take full advantage of the performance of the new Stryker Offspring by being fully speed adjustable.  The main crosshair is 20 yards, first aim point below crosshair is 30 yards, then 40 yards, 50 yards, and 60 yards.

Stryker Offspring Specs

Mass weight                   6.5 lbs.

Draw weight                   150 lbs.

Power Stroke                 13 inches

Axle-to-Axle at full draw 17.5 inches

Over all length                37.5 inches


Weight 6.5 lbs


Finish or Pattern



360 FPS



Draw Weight

150 lb

Width Cocked


Width Uncocked





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