Parker ThunderHawk


At only 6.9 LBS the ThunderHawk is the most compact, ultra lightweight crossbow ever.

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Increased Speed – 325 FPS

Rated as Parker’s #1 Crossbow, the Thunderhawk continues to redefine the crossbow industry in weight, performance, speed and value. The ThunderHawk features Parker’s proprietary Advanced Split Limb Technology with integrated Fulcrum Pocket System making it ultra compact while hurling arrows downrange at over 325 Feet Per Second (FPS). With the Bull-Pup trigger and ergonomic textured pistol grip, the ThunderHawk is easy to maneuver in a treestand or ground blind. At a mere 6.9 lbs, the ThunderHawk is also Ultra Lightweight and Optimally Balanced for a steadier aim on the target. The factory installed and tuned Anti-Vibration and Shock (AVS) System comes equipped on the ThunderHawk to reduce noise and vibration for ultimate concealment. Like its contemporaries, the ThunderHawk is engineered with Parker’s Exclusive Synergy Cams that deliver greater performance and diminish the cocking effort by over 50% when paired with the RED HOT EZ Roller Rope Cocker; making Parker crossbows the easiest to cock in the industry.

The ThunderHawk includes a Premium RED HOT Optic, Four Arrow Quick Detach Quiver, and Four Arrows with Field Points.

#1 Selling Crossbow!

At only 6.9 LBS the Parker ThunderHawk is the most compact, ultra lightweight crossbow ever

Parker ThunderHawk Crossbow Package Details

  • ThunderHawk Crossbow
  • 3X Multi-Reticle Scope
  • 4-Arrow Quick Detach Quiver
  • Arrows w/ Field Points – 4

Parker ThunderHawk Specs

Draw Weight: 160 LBS
Power Stroke: 11.5″
Mass Weight: 6.9 LBS
Axle to Axle Width: 20.25″
Overall Length: 34.25″
Velocity: 325 FPS
Riser: Machined Aluminum
Barrel: Ballistic Polymer
Stock Length: 34 1/2″
String & Cables: Red Hot Synthetic

Crossbow Features

  • Advanced Split Limb Technology
  • G2 Bull-Pup Trigger
  • Vented Forearm with Safety Finger Flange
  • Dual String Suppressors
  • Premium Red Hot String & Cables
  • Ridged Pistol Grip
  • Elevated Comb for Solid Cheek Weld
  • EZ-Draw for Reduced Cocking Effort

The Parker ThunderHawk propels arrows down range at a blistering 325 FPS

The Anti-Vibration Shock System (or AVS) is installed at the factory and tuned to reduce vibration and noise. Like other Parker crossbows the ThunderHawk is engineered with Exclusive Synergy Cams that result in superb performance and reducing the cocking effort in half when used in conjunction with the EZ Roller Rope Cocker.

Swift and Deadly Accurate!


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