Hoyt Carbon Solo Quiver

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Hoyt’s Carbon Solo 1-Piece (Shorty) and 2-Piece Quivers

The all-new Carbon Solo Quivers are the most lightweight quivers Hoyt has ever offered. At a mere 6.8 ounces the Carbon Solo Shorty  attaches directly to the top bracket of the bow while the Carbon Solo 2-Piece, also weighing only 6.8 ounces, is made for those who prefer the extra span of the 2-piece quiver design.

Available Colors

Available in Realtree Edge, Gore Optifade Subalpine, Kuiu Verde 2.0, Gore Optifade Elevated II, Under Armour Ridge Reaper Barren, Black Out.

Our innovative solo carbon rod design is incredibly lightweight, stiff, and stable. It also allows for an endless range of bracket adjustment for the tightest fit to your bow in multiple directions.

Carbon Solo Quivers come standard with two different silent-catpure grippers allowing you to choose the tightest fit for your specific arrow diameter.




1-Piece (Shorty), 2-Piece


4 Arrow, 6 Arrow

Finish or Pattern

Black Out, Gore Optifade Elevated II, Gore Optifade Subalpine, Kuiu Verde 2.0, Realtree Edge, Under Armour Barren, Under Armour Forest

1 review for Hoyt Carbon Solo Quiver

  1. texasbeard

    I’m happier that I found this quiver from that website that I’m looking for my bow. Shipping fast. Thank you!

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There is a simulated weight that attaches to your nock just the same as the lighted nock that will make all of the nocks weigh the same.

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