Crosman Sniper 370 Crossbow

$350.00 $275.00

Great Entry-Level Crossbow

370 FPS
185 Pound Draw
8 Pounds

Package includes scope, quiver, bolts, sling, and rope cocker. The adjustable stock and forearm grip make it customizable to any hunter’s size and preference.

If you care about accuracy check out our custom crossbow arrows for the Crosman Sniper 370.


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Our Review

The Crosman Sniper 370 is a new crossbow offered by Borkholder Archery and is our favorite entry level crossbow. The Sniper 370 weighs about 8 pounds, has a 185 pound pull, and shoots at 370 FPS. The adjustable stock and adjustable forearm grip makes this crossbow customizable to the shooter’s size and preference. The Crosman Sniper 370 comes with 3 bolts, quiver, and an illuminated scope. The scope is 4×32 fixed reticle scope with adjustable zoom and has a range out to 60 yards. At $350 the Sniper 370 is the best choice for hunters getting into crossbow hunting.

Big game performance in a package that begs to hit the mountain. A fully adjustable stock and pass-through foregrip accommodate your shooting style to ensure exceptional accuracy and quad limbs fitted with a precision CNC-machined cam system delivers mind-blowing speeds up to 370 FPS. The Sniper is easily maneuverable thanks to the lightweight and durable CNC-machined rail with shoot-through riser and the narrow 18” axle-to-axle width (when cocked; 21” when relaxed). Features a 185 pound draw weight.

Included with the Centerpoint Sniper is a 4×32 mm scope, three 20″ carbon bolts, quiver, rope cocker, and shoulder sling.

Anti-dry fire and auto-safety trigger mechanisms prevent ill-intentioned shots while integrated string suppressors keep your shots quiet and vibration-free.


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