Borkholder’s Custom Crossbow Bolts

Custom Crossbow Bolts by Borkholder

Cutting corners has never been an option when building the most accurate crossbow bolts.

The Match Grade Custom Bolts has provided terrific results from over 600 happy customers for several years. Today we are offering something better — Firenock Custom Bolts.

Match Grade Custom Bolts

$ 69 for 12 Dozen
  • Built for Most Crossbow Models
  • Very Accurate Crossbow Bolt
  • Carbon Bolt
  • Spine-Syncronized Fletching

Firenock Custom Bolts

$ 119 for 12 Dozen
  • Built for Ravin & Excalibur Models
  • Most Consistent Crossbow Bolt
  • Carbon Weave Bolt
  • Spine-Syncronized Fletching
  • Built on Firenock Platform
  • Reverse Taper Design

What our customers are saying...

"Just bought the pro version for my Tenpoint Nitro RDX and these are even better than the standard version that I used last year. I am shooting 1 inch groups at 50 yards and doing this very consistantly. Looking forward to hunting with these this year."


"I just shot my first group of the pro version out of the Ravin R9. Did I mention the group was so tight I had a hard time pulling them out? No scope adjustments were required. I haven’t shot out to 60 yet but they are amazing compared to my factory bolts. I think I found crossbow gold!"

— Jpc0304

"just came in from shooting a group at 60 yards you could cover with a quarter-that’s scarey with these costly bolts- i’ll choose different spots on the block target from now on-if you want accuracy, these are for you- there is a difference in these bolts."

— Russell

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