Scorpyd Grip Quiver


The all new GRIP QUIVER is the easiest fastest quiver to take off and put on your bow that has ever been made. It can also be stored on your stand or tree.

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The New Revolutionary Grip Quiver

Scorpyds new Grip Quiver is the easiest quiver to take on and off your bow ever made.  Holds securely and solidly to the included mounting bracket that can be attached to any standard quiver mounting point on a vertical or crossbow.  Extremely versatile, the Grip Quiver can be “gripped” to your tree stand or a branch or anything you can get the jaws around when the quiver is not on your bow.  4 arrow custom hood will work with pretty much any broad head out there!!!  Titanium fasteners mean none of your screw head will ever rust. A heavy stainless steel spring means the quiver will stay in place weather on your bow or hanging from your tree while in your stand. The aluminum frame makes for its strong light weight instructor. This one of the best quivers you will find!!!  Available in Black, Real Tree, or Mossy Oak “Camo shipments have been very spotty, but Black is in stock”.  Large arrow grippers are for larger diameter crossbow arrows.  Small arrow grippers are for smaller diameter arrows for a vertical bow.


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