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We have an answer for faster crossbows and the never ending need for a perfectly consistent set of crossbow bolts. That answer is the new Firenock Custom Bolt.


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The new Firenock Custom Bolt from Borkholder Archery is designed specifically for high-performance crossbows and the ultimate consistency — accuracy and consistency go hand in hand.  These Firenock Custom Bolts are designed for the Ravin and TenPoint crossbows.

Features of the Firenock Custom Bolt

These carbon weave bolts have reverse taper design which strengthens the front of the bolt and reduces potential of flare-out. These bolts are spine-synchronized with the latest technology and fletched with proprietary fletching (like our Match Grade Custom Bolts) for increased kinetic energy.


  • Do not shoot more than 1 bolt per bullseye or you will damage nocks.
  • Using any non-factory bolt in your crossbow will potentially void the manufacturer warranty. Read your owners manual or contact the crossbow manufacturer for details.

Are the Ravin and TenPoint Version of this Bolt the Same?

While the components are built on the Firenock platform there are differences between the bolts so it is important to select the bow model you will be using when you purchase these bolts. The biggest difference is the length. The Ravin bolts are 20″ while the TenPoint bolts are 22″. The other difference is in weight. The Ravin bolts are 450 gr and the TenPoint bolts are 425 gr (450 gr if you add Omni-Brite 2.0 nocks).

Can I Add Omni-Brite 2.0 Nocks?

Short Answer: Yes, but please don’t.

Long Answer: For the TenPoint version of the Firenock Custom Bolt, you can add TenPoints Omni-Brite 2.0 Nocks. However, the reason we recommend the Firenock instead because it improves consistency and is a brighter, more durable lighted nock.

Will the Firenock Custom Bolts Work On My Crossbow?

The Firenock Custom Bolts are designed for the following Ravin and TenPoint crossbows. In the future additional manufactures and models may be added. If you have a crossbow not on this list try our Match Grade Custom Bolts.

  • Ravin R20 (Sniper/Standard)
  • Ravin R10
  • Ravin R15
  • Ravin R9
  • TenPoint Stealth NXT
  • TenPoint Shadow NXT

Video: Unveiling the New Firenock Custom Bolts for Ravin & TenPoint

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Crossbow Model

Ravin R10, Ravin R20, Ravin R20 Sniper, TenPoint Shadow NXT, TenPoint Stealth NXT


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