Why Buy Scorpyd from Borkholder Archery?

All Scorpyd Crossbows bought from Borkholder Archery will have the scope mounted, leveled, and the option for “Cam Synchronization & Optics Sight In.” The scope will be sited in from 20 – 60 yards, and cams timing will be adjusted if needed. So when you open your box you will have an accurate crossbow that will shoot broadheads like field tips!

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Measure Arrow Length - Carbon to Carbon

Why Equalizing the Weight of Non-Lighted Arrows is Important

When choosing Firenock lighted nocks you have an option use the weight match nock system.

There is roughly a 23 grain difference when adding Firenock lighted nocks. It can result in lower impacted points at distances of 30 yards and beyond, and also change your front of center percentages.

There is a simulated weight that attaches to your nock just the same as the lighted nock that will make all of the nocks weigh the same. This will ensure your arrows all fly the same.

Rogue Level 19 String Colors