4 thoughts on “Killer Instinct Furious 370 FRT Review”

    1. Reuben Hochstetler

      Each of the Killer Instinct crossbows has anti-dry fire built in. The Machine and the Furious 370 FRT have the TriggerTech Trigger which is one of the best triggers on the market and the other KI models also have anti-dry fire with the standard trigger system.

      1. Thanks for the info about the anti dry fire on the Furious FRT 370,as for as the safety I take it that it is not auto safety so after you shoot this Xbow how is the safety worked do you put it on safety before cocking the bow or after it,s cocked and before you load a arrow/bolt and can you also tell me about the limited life time warranty what it entails.Thanks for your time.

        1. The 370 FRT does have automatic safety. When you cock the crossbow it automatically goes to safety as long as you cock the crossbow on fire. The warranty includes everything but strings and cables.