Deer with Solution LS Crossbow

Deer at 30 Yards with Solution LS and Custom Bolts

Here are a few pics of my deer. I shot it with a Bowtech Solution LS crossbow that I purchased in 2015 just before our deer season. I purchased some of your custom bolts which really group nice. That bolt along with a spitfire max mechanical broadhead took the deer at 30 yards. It was shot on November 14 of 2015 just 1 day prior to our gun opener.

The buck was chasing a doe that morning and I am sure was going to breed her because he was not going to leave the doe. The buck net scored 185 with a gross of 190. It was the first time I had seen the deer and I am sure it was totally nocturnal with daylight movement only because of the rut. – Mike Z

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